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  • Excellent product, exceptional customer service

    I owned the Arizer Air II for over a year; solid, well built product that worked exactly as I expected. The customer service however is simply exceptional and sets the standard. I dropped my unit and cracked the screen. Since the damage was my fault, it was not covered under warranty, which may have been expired at that point anyway. I emailed to the company to see if they could repair it for me and was happy to pay whatever the cost would be; was even prepared to buy a new unit since I liked it so much. Instead, Andrew at Arizer sent me a brand new unit and even paid the shipping. This company really sets the standard for product quality and customer service. I will continue to support them with my dollars and recommendations! Very rarely write reviews but had to for these guys!

    By Alec Chase ( 2019-03-23 , 22:02 )

  • Very great product

    Easy to use, it allows the quick adjustment of the temperature on screen for an exact and optimal value of the consumed product. Safe, because it allows the programming of the operating time before stop, and the time before starting in second; You have to press two buttons to start, so no accident. CAUTION: This miniaturized technology remains fagile to shock and the mouthpiece can come off. I lost the screen display of mine because it fell to the ground. So I gave it to a blind friend and everyone is happy.

    By rich.grenier ( 2019-03-09 , 20:39 )

  • Love it as much as the Solo II

    The Air II is as excellent as I expected. The only con that I can see are the buttons are spaced a little far apart. As such, unless you have beefy thumbs. you need two hands to turn it on and off. I also have a Solo II which I love. The advantage of the Air II, however, is the battery is replaceable. As such, when it dies you can just replace it with a fresh battery and put the old one in a battery charger.

    By Susan ( 2019-03-09 , 02:30 )

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  • Great Product & Great Customer Service

    The product is made from high quality components, it’s really easy to use and maintain, and Arizer’s customer service is excellent as well. I’d recommend this product and company to anyone!

    By FxC Canada ( 2019-03-23 , 16:24 )

  • Great product, and a mod makes it more versatile than the Volcano!

    This is a pure desktop vape with lots of convection power. Compared to any other Arizer product, nothing will take you to higher levels. If you want the most out of this, procure a Ddave mod for this piece and you'll be able to microdose and be equipped with more options. Without it, it's still an A+ vape, but the mod makes it A+++ and then better than the Volcano in every way but one (sealable valve on bag system). You can take straight hits from this with the stems, use the whip system, or use the bag system. This is also more of a large group and session vape - you should heat it up and the glass for 15-30 minutes before use to get the more flavor and effect at maximum potency. The great thing about arizer is their dedication to flavor and glass. You do run into the issue of glass breaking, but this glass is pretty strong. I advise packing and handling over carpet or softer areas in your home. The remote is actually pretty nice, and I went on thinking it'd be really gimmicky. If you want the best available desktop vape with mods for under 250, this is where you start. Easy to clean and maintain, great warranties, and from a company you can trust.

    By derek.mcnamara (19-03-2019 02:58 pm)

  • Great machine with great company behind it

    Always used portables at home. This is a superior system. No more charging or worst dyeing mid session. You get a much better delivery system between the ballon or whip, Greater draw. I cut plastic flex straws and insert into the glass mouth piece for sanitation, guest each insert their own straw. No clean up just through them away. Great machine super value and Arizer stands behind their products.

    By Kenn Wittock ( 2019-03-04 , 22:55 )

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  • Great vape.

    Highly recommend 👊. I own the solo and now the solo ll. Great products. Fast shipping. 👍.

    By Rick. ( 2019-03-19 , 00:57 )

  • Amazing and worth every penny

    I have owned many vapes. And this is my favorite for many years. The mighty is better but has disadvantages like price and hard to clean ect. Solo produces amazing vapor and the battery lasts unbelievably long. The device itself really is not that big I was expecting it to be larger and heavier with how reviewers described it. Also I think because it is convection heat there is very little smell while using. It's a 9.9/10 vape (0.1 off because stems can break easily but is worth it for taste just be careful) Stop debating and buy this beast!

    By Johnny lo ( 2019-03-15 , 16:31 )

  • Amazing.

    My husband and I are heavy medical users and have recently switched to vaping 100%. This solo II along with the air silver that we got for free is so much better than we ever expected. The flavors are amazing and the clouds are huge! Loved it so much we also just purchased the air II as well after seeing how awesome these work. Great quality product!

    By Dkcashat (14-03-2019 11:28 pm)

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  • Pricey but worth it

    Arizer is 5 star. I have a ArGo and a air both of them are worth every penny Honestly after you use it for a few times you will wish you had one a long time ago.

    By grant_78 (17-03-2019 03:56 pm)

  • Amazing performance

    The ArGo really rocks! I had my fair share of portable vapes and the ArGo beats most of them. It has Arizer quality and produces the best tasting vapor very efficiently.

    By Crgm ( 2019-03-17 , 06:30 )

  • Fantastic products and company!

    I've been using Arizer products for around 10 years. I started with the extreme desktop - it still works. When the Air was released I bought one and it still functions perfectly even after several years use and abuse! My only complaint about the Air was the short battery life which I solved with the dual charger and additional batteries. When the ArGo was released I bought one almost immediately. I used it extensively for just over a year when the battery latch failed and wouldn't close. I contacted Arizer immediately and they requested I return the unit to them for repair or replacement. Today I received my new ArGo which is only 6 days since I contacted them. This is excellent customer service. I have no hesitation in recommending their fantastic products. They are well made, easy to clean and provide the best quality vapor that can be had. Several of my friends have already purchased the ArGo or Air based not just on my recommendations but having tried and seen how well their products work. Thanks Arizer - you have great products and you look after your customers too. Bravo!

    By mark (27-02-2019 02:34 pm)

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  • Great value vaporizer

    I have an ArGo and an Air. They both are great vapes. get yourself an Arizer you will not regret it.

    By grant_78 (17-03-2019 10:02 pm)

  • Super

    J’ai acheter début j’étais pas sur mais après une journée..j’ai adorer et depuis Je vaporise seulement, vraiment plus santé et consomme au moin 1/3 de moin Très bon produits, haute qualité....

    By Narbonne Sylviain (20-10-2018 01:58 am)

  • The Air is Awesome!!

    Great company, and a very professional customer service team. I have the Arizer Air and let me tell you It works amazing for when your out on the go! and a top quality product vapes like a champ. I also got some extra batteries and charger, so when I vape with my friends we get good sessions!

    By Ben W. (11-10-2018 03:17 pm)

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  • Great piece

    Fantastic Piece, been smoking for years. Maybe it won't give a very big cloud of smoke but flavor is there, hits are incredible and the unit is very easy to use and clean. Thumbs up from me and this unit didn't disappoint me.

    By kiko ( 2019-03-14 , 04:09 )

  • Awesome

    I ordered the V- Tower got it in less than a week and after my first use I am loving it so if it holds up to my everyday use I'll be happy

    By rbenn908 ( 2019-03-07 , 20:42 )

  • Top Notch

    I bought this after smoking for years. Many people have tried it and ALL say its the one hit wonder. Off the chain!

    By John Jefferson (04-03-2019 02:12 am)

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  • Happily Surprised

    I am new to using marijuana and vaporizers. I am an older person who uses it for medical reasons. I bought the Solo with the free Air. I had previously bought an inexpensive vaporizer that had good reviews but had 2 mouthpieces break on me in 1 month. The company that sold that vaporizer did not want to sell me replacement parts. I don't understand why. However, the Solo was far beyond my expectations. The glass mouthpiece was cool on my lips. It was easy to fill, turn on and use. The inhale was deeper and stronger than my less expensive vape. I got exactly what I needed in regards to the medicine working quickly and easily. It is easy to clean. I invited a friend over the next day to try it as I was so impressed. I highly recommend it. It is so worth the money and is just on a whole other level than budget priced vaporizers. love, love, love.

    By dshahen ( 2019-03-13 , 17:49 )

  • My favorite

    This is my favorite vape. And I've tried them all. It's simple, easy to use and gives you everything your medium has to offer. It's the vape I always go back to.

    By ThaDawg13 (23-09-2018 06:24 am)

  • Solid vaporizer

    I used this vaporizer for over a year without anything but great results. Great all around, good temp control, good battery and good charging. For various reasons I set the whole thing aside for a couple of years. Last month I got back to it, pulled out my Solo and was amazed that it was charged and working right out of the drawer. I put it on the charger, and it took all of 10 minutes to top it off to a full charge. Versatile and well-made piece of gear.

    By Fernand Raynaud (29-05-2018 05:27 am)

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  • Great looking special edition unit

    This is awesome, fast shipping, excellent built quality, fast heating time. I believe it has upgraded internal components (not only extra accessories) over the original SOLO but never tried the original so can't comment about it... can't go wrong highly suggest you wont be disappointed.

    By iweedqc ( 2019-02-09 , 00:30 )

  • Outstanding!

    Excellent quality and beautiful to boot!

    By nkbissonette ( 2018-09-12 , 22:39 )

  • Best EVER!

    I have 5 Arizer products. Solo, NLE, Air, Extreme Q & ArGo. All of them work non stop since I've had them with just 1 with an LED problem which was corrected within 1 week of notification. The quality is amazingly high. Have been referring people to this company for 4 years with no regrets. Keep up the good work. I will be back. P.S. The new ArGo is perfectly portable for on the go needs. Lasts more than six uses per charge!

    By Jesse (02 Sep 2018 03:14 pm)