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  • Pre-order review

    I was sold a solo years ago by mistake at a local shop. Best mistake of my life. That vape, which at this point is almost 7 years old, still works great. I lost the charger and bought an extreme q after probably 2 years of debate. I use it several times a day . Every product by this company is solid. I recommend them to everyone. Cant wait to order this new guy. Looks dope and can only assume it works as well as everything else ive gotten of theirs. Literally nothing has come close

  • No one paid me or asked me to make this review-I did it because I received amazing service

    What can I say? I finally broke my ArGo, it was 100% my fault and... No questions asked Arizer replaced my old unit with a newer upgraded version. The original product worked fine even after being dropped onto a hard surface from my desk top more than once; when my ArGo stopped working, I returned it to Arizer. Not only did I get a new one, they also thanked me for buying the product in the first place and gave me a coupon for a large discount on my next purchase

  • Arizer ARGO

    I bought the Arizer ARGO a couple of months ago. Along with the DaVinci IQ. And I have to admit that they’re both top of the line. The ARGO is very great since it has removable glass tubes. The DaVinci IQ has some great features as well. I use several devices. And the ARGO is my favorite.

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  • Acknowledgments

    I am completely satisfied with the product in everything I recommend for everyone. A perfect product for expert support. It is definitely recommended who just thinks about purchasing vaporizer.

  • Awesome Company

    I have both an Air2 and an Extreme Q. I have researched everything in the market. These are the best The Q for at home and the Air2 for on the go. These are critical components to my health and well being and could not be without them. And Arizer is a terrific company with outstanding customer service. I am impressed.

  • Love this vape

    Wife bought this for me for Christmas .... haven’t smoked a joint since. Had an issue with the charged, and Andrew sent me a new one out lickidy split, no charge. Amazing. Wished the new one hadn’t just come out after I bought this one, bc it looks much nicer and from what I hear heats up way faster and battery lasts much longer. I do have to typically charge mine during the day. I puff on it too much I guess. I just encouraged my ffeiend to buy, and he bought the new one and loves it.

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  • Better than the air!

    I recently bought the solo 2 because the air I had was dropped in water and doesn't work now . I'm so glad I bought the solo 2 because of the amazing battery to the much improved air flow . If you want a heavy hitter with amazing flavor the solo 2 will not disappoint and it's very very easy to clean.

  • Never Look Back!

    I have owned the Arizer Solo for many years and recently purchased the Solo 2. Without doubt, Arizer are simply streets ahead when it comes to design, build and function of premier vapes ... a classic, understated look; a solid, beautifully engineered build and as to function, it is super efficient, produces mountain-fresh vapour, is rock reliable and has an Olympian battery life. Very happy with the Solo 2. Beautiful. Thank you Arizer.

  • Great Vape & a company that stands behind it.

    After nearly 2 years of daily use, my Solo II up and quit working on me. I called the company for a fix. I had forgotten, but they reminded me, it was still covered by warranty and that I am entitled to a repair or replacement. I returned my damaged product and within 24 hours of receiving it, they had a replacement on the way to me. I am extremely pleased with Arizer’s commitment to customer satisfaction even after the sale, and I look forward to purchasing from them in the future.

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  • Thumbs up

    I have been using the Air for a few years. It is a fine, dependable, instrument. I use it daily .....worth every penny.

  • The Best!

    I Love my Arizer Air❤

  • Greatest Customer Service!!~~~

    Every single time that I have had to Contact Arizer, albeit with a question or a Product that needed attention to, they were very quick to address any & all Concerns! I use this for Medical Purposes & require dependable, quality products. I have had several Different Arizer Products over the years, & IMO, you get what you pay for, & I want quality. Thanks Andrew & the Arizer Team!!~~~

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  • Outstanding product and customer service

    I had a power supply fail on my Arizer Extreme Q desktop vape, contacted customer service, explained the problem, provided proof of purchase, etc., and they immediately sent a replacement. Absolutely outstanding customer service, honoring the warranty, and supporting a great product. Fantastic! Thnx Andrew. I should add, I have the the Arizer Air portable vape as well, and am impressed by both - they work very well, and offer excellent value IMO - highly recommend.

  • Wonderful customer service

    I had no access to internet and worked with customer service by telephone and they are great!! Prompt and friendly, as well as helpful!

  • Great Piece of Kit!

    The Arizer Air II was my third hand-held and I immediately fell in love with it, so much so that I broke it and immediately ordered a new one. I finally stepped up to the full sized Extreme Q! I sought Arizer’s support to get optimal vapour that was responded to by a virtual essay offering me huge insight into the vaping process. A first class product, a first class Canadian company! P@

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  • Great piece

    Fantastic Piece, been smoking for years. Maybe it won't give a very big cloud of smoke but flavor is there, hits are incredible and the unit is very easy to use and clean. Thumbs up from me and this unit didn't disappoint me.

  • Awesome

    I ordered the V- Tower got it in less than a week and after my first use I am loving it so if it holds up to my everyday use I'll be happy

  • Top Notch

    I bought this after smoking for years. Many people have tried it and ALL say its the one hit wonder. Off the chain!

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  • My first and only vape

    I've used my Solo heavily for 3 years.. roughly 8000 sessions... The battery is starting to go but thats plug n play ez... I love it...metal.. simple... Plus you could Crocodile Dundee a purse snatcher in a crowd with it haha

  • Fantastic company and products!

    I originally bought a V-tower 10 years ago and loved it. When it finally gave up the ghost (due to my own negligence, not due to the quality of the product), I immediately bought another. More recently, I decided to give the Solo a try - same exact experience! Based on these experiences, I think I will only stick with Arizer products. Add to this the unbelievable customer service, fast shipping and a Canadian company to boot!

  • Fast shipping excellent product

    Originally was going to get extreme q, after reading such positive reviews decided on solo I. Easy to maintain and setup. Very durable and smaller than I imagined. Looking forward to this for years.