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  • Great product! Great service! Great company!

    I own five vapes. Two are Arizer products which are used daily. The other three are from different manufacturers but not one beats my Arizers. The Solo II is particularly great when it comes to efficiency. I can get 20 minutes of vapor from just a small bowl and I could not be happier. As to the service, it is also top notch.

    By Nicol Simard (07 Jun 2018 07:24 pm)

  • Amazing

    This is amazing ... Heats up fast and tastes so nice ... my first one broke after a month but they replaced very fast and have had the second one for a year and a half I use it almost every day I love it !!! Buy it !!!

    By Tyler H ( 2018-05-23 , 02:17 )

  • Love this unit

    The Solo II heats up fast. It works best on lower temps with a nice crisp clean flavor.

    By starlitedreamer6669 (22 May 2018 07:02 pm)

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  • Worth the price

    Going two weeks strong vaping my herbs around 420 leaving the vape on almost all day. It's great A+ from me

    By Shawn pacheco ( 2018-10-21 , 10:54 )

  • Changed my life

    The Arizer is a prize possession around my house, NO ONE in my house may touch it i treat it like it is the love of my life. My life is completely changed from the discreetness and portability. 10/10

    By Grandpa Jack ( 2018-10-20 , 01:12 )

  • Best. Purchase. Ever.

    What a horse. Have had it for almost four years, is my daily driver, 2-3 hours per. Haven't ever had to replace anything apart from tubing since purchase. Just buy one, your lungs will thank you!

    By skydiverQ ( 2018-10-12 , 17:27 )

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