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  • First timer

    Being new to this, its faster n stronger. I am really enjoying it and I will try others out from this site and I’ll let u all know how it goes

  • WOW !!

    en français: Je viens de recevoir mon ARGO et je suis très surpris du changement. Je ne tousse plus du tout comparé à fumait. Simple à utilise et une économie assurer. Tout le monde devrait avoir un ARGO. English: I just received my ARGO and I am very surprised at the change. I do not cough at all compared to smoking. Simple to use and save money. Everyone should have an ARGO.

  • Durable and super-efficient!

    After a month’s use with the ArGo I am REALLY impressed. Not only does the ArGo performance live up to the many glowing reviews, I found it is so much more. I have already dropped the ArGo about five times onto hard floors and I have dragged it around outdoors at the cottage for weeks. The verdict? Extremely tough and almost impossible to hurt.

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  • Amazing device

    Bought my first Air1 in March 2015 because I stopped smoking (changed to vaping) and had to find an alternative for my favorite herbs. Since that day the Air1 **workhorse** heated up for 5 to 15 sessions (each 10 minutes) per day, every single day! Never used it with the wall charger and never charged the batteries in the device - but I guess it won`t make a big difference. Just more convenient to use an external charger as my ecigarettes use the 18650 as well. Exchangeable battery - a must have! Now a few days ago I got my new Arizer2. Arizer1 still works like a charm but I was 1) curious 2) I like back ups 3) nice price. And yes, it has some improvements, for me the main one is the much better air flow. Display and better temperature control are nice to have but don`t justify to get the v2 if you have the v1 already. I won`t give away the v1 neither the v2 🙂 Bottom line --> the best quality device I've got in my shelf! Really love them both. Cheers

  • Best vape. Best company.

    Incredibly satisfied beyond measure on the performance and easy maintenance of this fantastic machine. It saves me energy In all forms, time (I always know what I’m using) money (doesn’et use a lot of herb nor do you need much) and it is incredibly smooth and the taste is always exceptional. The team at Arizer are the best at what they do and with good reason. The engineers combine simplicity with reliability and deliver a product of remarkable performance. The customer service (especially Andrew, whom I have dealt with on a few occasions) is equally fantastic and always on top of questions and concerns. As always Arizer, thank you and do ‘t Stop being great! Brandon

  • Excellence!

    The esteemed products and exemplary customer service of Arizer truly excell. In the market for a world ranked vaporizer and committed customer service? Consider Arizer, an all Canadian company.

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  • So easy to clean

    I've been using the Solo II for 7 months. It is a great device! By far the best thing about it is its design and the use of the glass tube for the vapour path. These glass tubes are so easy and simple to clean! I simply soak them in some isopropyl alcohol and then rinse them under the hot water tap, and leave them to dry. With multiple tubes it takes literally about a minute to clean 3 of the 4 tubes that I have in rotation. My other vapourizer took about 15 minutes to clean thoroughly, and with the vapour path being inside the unit and made of metal getting it really clean was very difficult and required multiple pipe cleaners and much effort. It also made a mess. The old vapourizer also stated tasting raunchy after only 3 - 5 uses (depending on the strain of dried flowered used); whereas the Solo II takes 15 - 20 uses before it starts tasting raunchy. The main reason for this is that in the Solo II the dried flower is heated up within the glass tube and the sticky gunk that is left behind comes off the glass without much effort. Often it hardly sticks at all. My other vapourizer has a metal chamber, with a little metal plate that sits at the bottom. The metal plate, the chamber walls and the area under the metal gets all gunked up in no time, and the gunk seems to stick the metal in my other vapourizer more than the glass in the Solo II. I can scrape the sides of the metal chamber and the top of the metal plate without much effort, but the gunk builds up pretty quickly under the metal plate and on the bottom of the heating chamber itself. That's why the taste from the other vapourizer becomes raunchy so quickly. The dramatic difference in cleaning and taste, due to the glass tubes and how they fit into the heating chamber, is the main benefit of this vapourizer. And that's reason enough to select over any other option. In the short time I've had he Solo II five of my friends who I've shared the vapourizer with have also seen the benefit of this one design feature and have gone and purchased one to replace what they were using. They're all happy they have.


    I have been using an Arizer V-Tower desktop dry herb vaporizer for about 6 years and have been so happy with it that I decided it was time to get a portable unit for on the go vaping. I tried a less costly unit first that I was totally unhappy with, so I started to take a closer look at ALL the many portable units available. That's when I spotted the Arizer Solo 2, and since it is made by the same manufacturer as my beloved V-Tower I felt confident that this choice would meet my expectation. In fact it didn't just meet my expectation, it far exceeded my expectation. The hits I get from the Solo 2 is very comparable to that of my V-Tower desktop unit, and is super easy to clean and care for. The Solo 2 heats quickly up and maintains temperature extremely well, and even has a 10 min auto shutdown feature. The manufacturer even includes a handy carry pouch that you can clip to your belt and keeps the unit and both tubes all together and protected, which enhances its portability. It might be a spendy little unit, but I would recommend it to anyone who wants a portable dry herb vape that really works and puts out as well as a big desktop unit.

  • Great vape...great customer service

    My herbs have never vaped so good. 2 thumbs up

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  • Used almost every day for 3+ years. Works amazing and reliable!

    One of the best purchases I have made. Turn it on and leave running for hours everyday over almost 4 years. Heats up quick and yields excellent results. You will not be disappointed, this is a well built and engineered product that I expect will continue to work for years.

  • Better than I expected

    I've used a lot of handheld vapes both concentrate and flower the past few yrs but it's been a long time since I used a desktop. This thing rocks, making the transition from smoking to vaping way easier since I used to smoke. Great device, don't have any doubts there

  • Great Product & Great Customer Service

    The product is made from high quality components, it’s really easy to use and maintain, and Arizer’s customer service is excellent as well. I’d recommend this product and company to anyone!

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