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  • Arizer Solo II

    Recently purchased a Solo II as an upgrade from the APX Pulsar and I gotta say I'm pretty satisfied. Very good quality and look, vapor quality is tasty, and it's significantly easier to clean and manage making setting up a session very easy. Customer service is also extremely fast at replying and offers nice service. Would recommend to anyone looking to get floored at home, or on the go.

  • Excellent product - excellent service!

    I have slowly acquired 5+ vapes for portable and home use and I conclude the Solo II comes out on top. After a hardware "error" appeared their customer service was excellent - a few questions and a replacement was received within 10 days. Outstanding!

  • Love it!!!

    I own a desktop vaporizer (Plenty) and a portable vaporizer (Vapium Summit). I had been considering upgrading my portable vape for a while, and narrowed my choice to the Storz-Bickel Mighty. However, when I talked to a few different sales reps from different distributors, I decided to give the Solo II a try. Wow!!! When I used it for the first time, I was blown away. The ease of operating this vape is welcoming. The flavor and vape production are second to none, and the effect sent me to the stars! At this price, anyone considering this vape will not be disappointed. This is now a welcome addition to my vape collection, and for the past week has been the only vape I've been using. Great job, ARIZER!

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  • Best purchase ever

    Until you've walked through a party offering hits from your balloon you haven't lived. Easy to use and versatile whether you're by yourself or with friends. Good service for a good product.

  • Poetry In Motion

    This piece of machinery is a magical device. Reliable, sturdy, and sleek. Look no further than the ExtremeQ for your vaporizing needs.

  • Awsome!

    Just bought one last night and tried it with Herb with both the hose and the balloon. Needless to say I like it A Lot

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