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  • First class product and service

    My Solo is certainly the best vape I have ever owned. Well designed and quality built. Arizer is also easy to deal with for any warranty issues and have a really fast turn around time. I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Top Notch

    An amazing vape. In fact its the best portable unit I have used. Full temperature settings, Great display which can be adjusted to your liking. This unit produces large vapor plumes and enables you to experience full flavor for all needs. Thank you Arizer such an amazing product.

  • Very happy with my Solo 2

    After spending months reading and watching reviews on vaporizers I chose the Solo 2 and am very happy with my decision. It's well made, super easy to use and maintain, has a great warranty and easy to find accessories. The heat adjustment allows me to fine tune my temperature to suit each herb I use. Overall. I absolutely LOVE my Solo 2 and recommend it to everyone.

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  • Best vape

    Best vape I own

  • EQ

    This thing is awesome, it's what I have been looking for. I'll be enjoying this for years to come. Thanks Arizer

  • Extreme Q. YES

    I have been using my Extreme Q for @ 2 years now and I still think it is still the best Herb Vape I have used. The only thing that keeps this from 5 stars is the stirring tool. Good size and it is nice to look at; but, it is way too fragile. I have had 3 break from falling a distance of @ 2 feet to a carpeted floor. That particular tool needs to be much less brittle.. Other than that, there are no complaints.

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