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  • Great vape

    Had my solo 2 for about 6 months and let me tell you this vape is constant and very reliable. Best vape on the absolutely amazed. By the flavor this thing puts out .definitely recommend to a friend.all I go t ok say is buy one and you'll be very happy.

  • Love this product!

    The Solo II is a spectacular vape that allowed me to switch to vaping completely. Great features in a quality product, backed by a Canadian company with outstanding customer service. Lots of ability to personalize your settings and usage and is an absolute workhorse. A warranty issue was sorted smoothly and quickly - Arizer stands behind their excellent product. Love it.

  • Solo II - very good product

    The Solo II is extremely efficient at using a very little bit of material. We tried a lot of different products the majority of them are garbage and do not work well at all. The Solo II heats up super fast, battery lasts a long time, definitely a powerhouse and a great portable unit. Probably one of the best portable units on the market.

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  • Solid

    It works well and is easy to use, solid performance. The price is about the best I can find for a quality high grade unit.


    An excellent piece of merchandise with quality parts and ease of use. I just wish I had gotten this year's ago. It's been abused and dropped and still working like day one. Thank you for your product.

  • 6 years strong

    I have had my Extreme Q for 6 years now, I use it daily and it stick works like a charm. I bought it to replace the original v tower., which I had for 4 years but dropped and broke, Arizer products are built to last!

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