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  • Totally awesome!

    I have owned and used the Extreme Q for over 10 years and it still motors on, due to my medical condition I cannot smoke. I have wanted one of these for a long time and thanks to your last sale I was able to get one, although they are well worth the full price! Now I am no longer tied to my Extreme Q and can take the Argo when I leave home. I was also surprised at the very small quantity of botanicals necessary to achieve a good "result"

  • Need this one!!!

    I’ve had and arizer air for several years. I would say at least 5 and they are great! So is the customer service they are amazing if you have an issue. There is an app I use that you can track your vape or how ever you use herbs that was giving them out for free if you had enough points. I was able to get 2 and one was missing parts so I contacted Arizer and they not only sent me 1 mouth piece but they sent 2 and some rubber caps for no charge. I can’t wait to purchase the ArGo though. I need one I can charge with a USB port and the first Air doesn’t have that ability. In thought of getting the Arizer II but want to try something different. This sale makes it possible for me to afford this one!

  • All units

    I’ve found complete happiness using Arizer products for over ten years. All my units still function perfectly. Obtained an Argo the moment they were available and really used the heck out of it; my prescription for five grams per day means I need reliable quality devices. Arizer has never let me down.. Extremely happy with Solos one and two . I have a solo one that is over ten years old. I boasted about this and was given a new battery and seal for free. I love these guys, they are the best

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  • Arizer Air 2

    What a beautiful piece of kit this thing is! Top notch in quality, and the best vape production I have ever experienced from a portable vape!

  • Arizer outdoes itself

    This product is Epic!! all the improvement are fantastic... the best vaporizer so far!

  • excellent

    I am a medical patient with Parkinson’s and use cannabis for relief. Over the years I have purchased several vaporizers, including a Pax, AirVape and Firefly 2. I need a vaporizer which is easy to load, use, and clean with my deteriorating motor skills. Last December I found that it was getting difficult to use the Firefly. I purchased a Solo2. To my pleasant surprise the taste from the Solo was amazing. I found that pulling the tube up ever so slightly gives a convection taste that is as good or better than the Firefly. Using the unit is easy I just push a bud into the tube and push it in unit. It easy to hold and the battery lasts for a days before needing a charge. In April I decided that I wanted a more portable Vaporizer, one that would take standard batteries. Being very pleased with the Solo I purchase an Air 2. Unfortunately, last week I had an uncontrolled hand movement and knocked it off a coffee table. The display no longer worked, and I didn’t know what else might be wrong. I contacted customer service and they replied promptly and are taking care of it! I am amazed excellent product, excellent service, excellent company. They go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. Thank you Arizer.

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  • Arizer Solo is the best!

    I'm vaping cause of medical reasons, startet in 2014 and directly with the Solo. Bought the Storz & Bickel later cause of the precise temperaturcontrol but was never satisfied. The Mighty didn't work like the Solo, so back to the Arizer after a couple of weeks. Than I bought the Solo II and it works superb, why? Later! Then I bought the Ghost MV-1 ... forget it, the Mighty is better. At last I bought the Argo ... only for on the road ... and it works also for me! So why is the Solo the best? First, the Solo has an efficiency of 82,7% extracting the medicine. That's 60 percent more as the Volcano! Second I'm medicating cause of pain and insomnia. For me CBN works best against insomnia, but there is only a little bit, mostly nothing in the material. In simply all papers you can read, you only will get CBN out of aged weed. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG! I read a study (I read a lot of those stuff) in which they heated weed for 5 Minutes at 180° Celsius and found a significant amount of CBN in the weed afterwards even if there was no CBN before. That's why the Solo II is the best against my insomnia! One Session for 8-10 Minutes at 178 -180 centigrades (depending on the strain), than a 8 -10 Minutes session at 198° centigrade will extract the CBN. And afterwards you can start again with 218 centigrade to give you the rest 🙂 By the way, I took the 178° cause the taste is absolutely great at this temperature! The only thing I'm missing! First, storing my three temperatures, Second a stem with two small ca. 1 cm long slots, than you can either seal the slots with your lip during inhalation, or you let a little bit of air through those slots to inhale a little bit cooler! Nevertheless, the Solo is the best!

  • On the Wow Scale: WOW!!!

    The Solo II is so f'n fantastic I had to write this review. I am not compensated for doing it other than I finally found what I was looking for. Like me, I am sure you have wasted a lot of money on worthless vaporizers. Until now. I cannot crow enough about the simplicity and ease to use the Solo II. It heats up fast, has a long battery life and with a little intelligence it is easy to operate without even reading instructions. Hits like a cannon if you like. Love it. Recommend it. Get you one.

  • Wow!

    I was shocked how easy it was to use from the start, charge and go! Great vapor and effects!

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  • Great customer service + fantastic and affordable products

    As the title says, these guys provide amazing customer service and produce quality products. You have a customer for life, and I'll be recommending you to all of my friends!

  • Madamglobal

    I have an Arizer Q and Arizer Air. I absolutely love them and have used 2 or three different high-end vaporisers as a comparison. The Arizer comes out on top every time and not only that, their customer care is fantastic. A reliably excellent product with great people delivering it. What more could you ask for

  • Breath of fresh AIR!

    I can say my unit has been operating meticulously from the start . After years i had a slight operating issue which the amazing customer service team addressed quickly and efficiently, completely satisfying my needs, standing behind their product and making it right !! I also have the extreme Q and will be a loyal Arizer client for Life!! Thank You Arizer!!!

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  • I am a very picky buyer and this is a great product!

    It has been about a week since I have started using this. Very satisfied with this product. Customer service was great because they shipped it and one of the extra glass chambers was broken upon arrival. Customer support said that glassware was not covered in the warranty but that they would still proceeded to ship me the replacement part!

  • Bulletproof

    About 10 years and still going strong, never an issue. Use it every day. I figure it has approx. 20,000 hrs on it. I use the whip mostly and the fan maybe once a week. I think I paid more than this 10 years ago but worth every penny. I have had other vapes but this is my go to table top model. Amazingly enough I have 2 of their Solo units and they are awesum as well. I will leave review there too. I never leave reviews anywhere but I was thinking the other day I would seek this out to leave a response so others can enjoy the maintenance free use of this vape. If it did crap out I wouldn't hesitate for one second about getting another one. STELLAR

  • The BEST

    I bought the Extreme Q several years back and finally remembered to write a review. I have not experimented with other plug-in vaporizers before but this device exceeded my expectation from the beginning. It has plenty of options with use of the remote control, vapor via tube or balloon, and you can get replacement parts off their website. The device is very easy to use, lightweight, and doesn't take up too much space. I use it for vapor, not for burning scents. I find this much better than the portable vaporizers I own. It provides ample amount of inhalation should you decide to! I would buy this product again if I have to.

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  • I love this thing!

    I've been smoking for 30 years and am at an age where health is very important to me. The V-Tower has revolutionized how I get my medicine and I can already feel how much healthier vaping is than traditional smoking . The great thing about the V Tower is it's kind of old school too, with the feel of a hookah or pipe, clean -thick vapor that comes out so you don't feel like you're not getting anything and no big mess of tar and oil to clean. I just ordered the Extreme as these are so reasonably priced and so well made I can't lose and want to see if the fan setting is a benefit (especially for scents/essential oils feature). Otherwise, buy the V if you just want a simple, dope vaporizer that is reliable and works hookah style. As others have, I also recommend to buy extra components to save time and shipping if any glass parts drop (I already broke my stir stick but they sell a stainless one I am getting this time).

  • Love The V Tower!

    Arizer is one of the best vaporizers on the market. Made in Canada. Almost as good as US made. Very good quality. Excellent Warranty. Great buy for the price. I've been using one for about 7 years now. Haven't smoked a factory made cigarette since I bought it. Once I kicked the chemicals on the cigarettes, I was good to go with the V Tower.. Almost kicked my habit completely,

  • So happy with the V-Tower!

    After months of research, it's paid off, my V-Tower came today. It's now a permanent fixture on my desk, ready to be turned on and puffed on without moving anything but reaching for the whip, woo! First use was a breeze, half filled the bowl, turned to 392f (200c), waited a few minutes, then puffed a few times as it came up to temp.... so smooth, no harshness or coughing. It's so affordable now I almost felt obligated to buy this to show pricing strategy support and high praise to the company! BRAVO Arizer, together we'll work to save this planet with this plant!

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  • 7+ years of vaping bliss

    My first vape lasted over 7 years of daily, full heat use. These things are made incredibly well and help you get much more bang for your buck on the herb. Customer service is incredible for the rare occasion you may need their assistance. When my first one finally started to show signs of death (again.... 7+ years!!!!) there was no doubt in my mind what I would be replacing it with....another Solo!!!!! I'm so happy with these guys and their product. In a world where everyone seems to be trying to take advantage of the customer and just out to make a buck, these folks are supplying an amazingly sturdy product AND impeccible customer service. Plus, who doesn't love supporting Canadian companies 🙂 Good work Arizer, keep it up!!!!

  • The Solo is a tank! A beautiful Exceptional tank

    What a great company! What a great product. I owned my first solo for close to 10 years. I replaced the battery after 6 years of use. I decided to take the opportunity to purchase a new solo during their Canada Day sale. Item arrived in less than 2 days. Excellent. Their customer service is off the charts. Attentive, helpful and quick to help their customers. This is the product for you. Look no further.

  • My first and only vape

    I've used my Solo heavily for 3 years.. roughly 8000 sessions... The battery is starting to go but thats plug n play ez... I love it...metal.. simple... Plus you could Crocodile Dundee a purse snatcher in a crowd with it haha