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  • Pre-order review

    I was sold a solo years ago by mistake at a local shop. Best mistake of my life. That vape, which at this point is almost 7 years old, still works great. I lost the charger and bought an extreme q after probably 2 years of debate. I use it several times a day . Every product by this company is solid. I recommend them to everyone. Cant wait to order this new guy. Looks dope and can only assume it works as well as everything else ive gotten of theirs. Literally nothing has come close

  • No one paid me or asked me to make this review-I did it because I received amazing service

    What can I say? I finally broke my ArGo, it was 100% my fault and... No questions asked Arizer replaced my old unit with a newer upgraded version. The original product worked fine even after being dropped onto a hard surface from my desk top more than once; when my ArGo stopped working, I returned it to Arizer. Not only did I get a new one, they also thanked me for buying the product in the first place and gave me a coupon for a large discount on my next purchase

  • Arizer ARGO

    I bought the Arizer ARGO a couple of months ago. Along with the DaVinci IQ. And I have to admit that they’re both top of the line. The ARGO is very great since it has removable glass tubes. The DaVinci IQ has some great features as well. I use several devices. And the ARGO is my favorite.

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  • Arizer outdoes itself

    This product is Epic!! all the improvement are fantastic... the best vaporizer so far!

  • excellent

    I am a medical patient with Parkinson’s and use cannabis for relief. Over the years I have purchased several vaporizers, including a Pax, AirVape and Firefly 2. I need a vaporizer which is easy to load, use, and clean with my deteriorating motor skills. Last December I found that it was getting difficult to use the Firefly. I purchased a Solo2. To my pleasant surprise the taste from the Solo was amazing. I found that pulling the tube up ever so slightly gives a convection taste that is as good or better than the Firefly. Using the unit is easy I just push a bud into the tube and push it in unit. It easy to hold and the battery lasts for a days before needing a charge. In April I decided that I wanted a more portable Vaporizer, one that would take standard batteries. Being very pleased with the Solo I purchase an Air 2. Unfortunately, last week I had an uncontrolled hand movement and knocked it off a coffee table. The display no longer worked, and I didn’t know what else might be wrong. I contacted customer service and they replied promptly and are taking care of it! I am amazed excellent product, excellent service, excellent company. They go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. Thank you Arizer.

  • Discreet and Powerful

    My first impression of the Air II was how Versatile it truly is, I can take this out when i walk my dog and people don't recognise it as a vaporizer as with the discreet mouthpiece it just looks like an e-cig. The second way this device is versatile is with a cheap bong adapter you now have a portable water filtered vaporizer. Finally even though the Air II and most other Arizer products have the ability to be used while charging you have the added advantage of hot-swappable batteries so you can keep going and going even when you're away from an outlet just by having a few spare batteries.

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  • i loveee my Solo2!!

    i can't be more happy with mi unit solo 2, excedeed all my espectatios. The materials are nice to the hand, quicky charge and slow discharge. reallty easy to use. and the support team are great and the best. I sent an email and two weeks later they call me from the customer service in Argentina, and solve all free of charge!!! arizer is the best!!

  • Quality vape, low price !

    My very first vaporizer was a Arizer air ( Still working since 2014 ). After that i owned a Davinci Iq but i've sell it to buy the Arizer Solo 2 and wow for 100$ LESS than the IQ the Solo 2 is the best Vaporizer you can get for this price. The vape quality is really better than the IQ and the Ariflow is just so great ! Almost no restriction !! If you want the best vape but dont have the money for the Mighty/Crafty. The Solo 2 is THE option for way less $$

  • Best products to buy

    The customer service is great; when I dropped my Extreme, they helped me to repair it instead of getting a brand new one. . Easy fix! I was worried. I also have had a Solo, Air II, and Solo 2, Solo 2 is my favourite at the moment. Prices have stayed relatively steady through the years also. Thanks guys!! Keep up the great work. 🇨🇦❤

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  • Breath of fresh AIR!

    I can say my unit has been operating meticulously from the start . After years i had a slight operating issue which the amazing customer service team addressed quickly and efficiently, completely satisfying my needs, standing behind their product and making it right !! I also have the extreme Q and will be a loyal Arizer client for Life!! Thank You Arizer!!!

  • Thumbs up

    I have been using the Air for a few years. It is a fine, dependable, instrument. I use it daily .....worth every penny.

  • The Best!

    I Love my Arizer Air❤

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  • Very Happy Customer

    Ordering the Arizer Extreme Q was my first time purchasing a product from Arizer and my first time purchasing a vaporizer. I was very pleasantly surprised with the good quality of the Extreme Q. I have used other more expensive vaporizers owned by friends and they were simply not as good as the EQ. Upon first use I noticed that there was unfortunately a small crack in one of the glass cyclone bowls. I messaged Arizer and they got back to me immediately and sent a new replacement part free of charge and shipping. The product and customer service are both amazing! Don't hesitate if you are thinking about getting the EQ vs. something else, because this thing rocks!

  • Absolutely the best vaporizer on the market in my opinion

    I've been using vaporizers for a while, starting with No2 that I still have, that still works even though I had to hardwire the power adapter into the unit since the power supply connector broke out. I knew I had to finally break down and get a replacement and while I wanted a volcano (foolishly I now know) being I'm on a fixed income I was never going to be able to afford one. Then by absolute luck I saw the Extreme Q and thought to myself this is the ticket. I can assure anyone reading this who is also thinking about owning a volcano to just stop that thought and get the Extreme Q. The volcano will not let you use a bag or a whip, the volcano bags do not have ground glass tips that when combined with the class whip pulled drop right into your favorite bong or bubbler, the Extreme Q damn sure will. If the volcano had a whip I doubt that they would've included glass mouthpieces and then little pieces of whip that you can put on the glass mouthpiece and put in the 10 mm side of the glass whip and use the whip with your favorite bong or bubbler, but again that is all possible with the Extreme Q. There are just two things that you have to do to get it to perform properly, you have to be patient and realize that when you first turn it on, it's not going to be ready and secondly you have to be patient… Now you might notice that said the same thing twice, and that's because that's really the only thing you have to do is be somewhat patient if 10 minutes is too long to take out of your busy life, maybe you just need to roll a joint. Set this thing the 390 Fahrenheit with an empty glass bowl, turn it on and tell Alexis to give you a 10 minute countdown timer and when she goes off, put a scoop of your favorite bud in the bowl It with the whip or the glass whip if you're doing a bag, wait two more minutes give or take and turn the fan on and you will watch it go from green to brown and the world will be right

  • We love it

    So happy to have an affordable vaporizer that really does the job. The smoke isn't harsh, and it has a cool and fresh taste to it -- depending on what you have in there of course. And its awesome that they have spare parts sold on the website in case you lose something!

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  • BEST Vaporizer EVER

    I have used vaporizers for several years. Recently old one died and I have been using other things like a vape pen. So I did research and found Arizer. This is by far, the absolute best vaporizer I have owned or used at other places. The vapor comes out so "soft" it takes getting used to it. The fans make all the difference. I prime it with a draw or two and then you can see the vapor coming out. You don't inhale deeply. In fact, you don't have to touch your mouth (lips) . Just get it close and nice and smooth, draw in the vapor. This is ideal for anyone with a respiratory illness like my COPD, for example.

  • The V-Tower

    I have COPD and enjoy using this for vapor . Full control of how I like this vaporizer . My friends are wowed when they see this . A mancave must 😎

  • Lovely

    After having started out our journey in the wonderful world of vaporized herb with a cheap handheld, we eventually realized that we were inefficiently burning up most of our stash and we needed to upgrade. The V-tower is absolutely amazing, especially for the beginner who wishes to take the plunge into desktop vapor. Resin builds up in the tube quite fast, but is generally not a problem to clean. Temperature control is stable and relatively accurate, and it performs far above the par for its price range. Less money spent on herb, and more time relaxing with the whip in hand. Having to switch from direct hits to a tube takes some getting used to, but you'll never want to go back afterwards.

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  • My first and only vape

    I've used my Solo heavily for 3 years.. roughly 8000 sessions... The battery is starting to go but thats plug n play ez... I love it...metal.. simple... Plus you could Crocodile Dundee a purse snatcher in a crowd with it haha

  • Fantastic company and products!

    I originally bought a V-tower 10 years ago and loved it. When it finally gave up the ghost (due to my own negligence, not due to the quality of the product), I immediately bought another. More recently, I decided to give the Solo a try - same exact experience! Based on these experiences, I think I will only stick with Arizer products. Add to this the unbelievable customer service, fast shipping and a Canadian company to boot!

  • Fast shipping excellent product

    Originally was going to get extreme q, after reading such positive reviews decided on solo I. Easy to maintain and setup. Very durable and smaller than I imagined. Looking forward to this for years.