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  • Durable and super-efficient!

    After a month’s use with the ArGo I am REALLY impressed. Not only does the ArGo performance live up to the many glowing reviews, I found it is so much more. I have already dropped the ArGo about five times onto hard floors and I have dragged it around outdoors at the cottage for weeks. The verdict? Extremely tough and almost impossible to hurt.

    By Rob Ashley ( 2018-07-24 , 05:19 )

  • The. best. vape. ever.

    The only vape I now use. Pure vapor, discreet and portable, well built. A real every day carry.

    By Scott Billingworth ( 2018-07-22 , 12:34 )

  • Love it!

    Great vape! Easy to use and easy to get the hang of packing it.

    By Rueben ( 2018-06-29 , 12:05 )

  • Best Yet!

    The ARGO has solved all of the problems with other portable vaporizers. I have used ARIZER vaporizers for several years due to their ease of cleaning.

    By Jim Reaves ( 2018-06-15 , 06:11 )

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  • Best Portable Vaporizer

    I originally purchased the Arizer Air after doing extensive product research. I read through various reviews, reddit opinions, forums, etc to come to the conclusion that it was the best purchase for it's price point. However, it lacked 1 single thing that I really wanted (but probably didn't need)..precise temperature control. Recently I upgraded to the Air II and I am impressed. The airflow is significantly better than the previous model, you can set temperature precisely, the chamber heats up significantly faster and the battery life is better too! Another nice thing about Arizer products is that you can generally remove the battery and replace it instead of having to get the unit itself replaced when the battery starts to age. If you're debating upgrading from your Arizer Air, I found the Air II is well worth it. If you're looking for a portable vaporize consider the Air II.

    By (06 Aug 2018 06:12 pm)

  • A+ product and A++ customer service - true to their advertisement

    This is my second Arizer device (the first being the Air I) and I could not be more impressed. The Air I was already a great device, but the digital component of the Air II makes it so much easier to use. Also Andrew, the customer representative that has handled my warranty claims, is extremely polite and reassuring; I dropped my first Air II and the LCD screen was cracked, and he was happy to help me despite the error in my ways. I couldn't be happier with the level of quality and service from the Arizer team!

    By Grace Kim ( 2018-08-02 , 18:07 )

  • Love it

    I have tried many other vapes out there and this one is perfect the flavour and the vapour coolness is what I have been after and now I have finally found my go to portable.

    By John De Villa (01 Aug 2018 09:11 pm)

  • My favorite

    This little vape works very well! It is easy to use, in all ways. The glass tube is easy to load, clean, and leaves no unwanted taste. The Air II is easy to turn on and adjust the settings. It doesn't get dirty because the glass chamber holds all the leftovers. Being able to change the battery instead of an internal one is perfect! I bought extra batteries and I never have to worry about not having my Air II with me all day!

    By Sharon Boudreau (28 Jul 2018 02:56 pm)

  • Best vaping device

    This unit here is worth the price tag. Actually to get the full Arizer experience you need to get extra stem pipes to have pre loaded stems on the go. The softshell case is also worth the buy. All in all 5/5 for me can't wait to buy another.

    By Francisco Ambrocio ( 2018-05-30 , 01:41 )

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  • Excellent product - excellent service!

    I have slowly acquired 5+ vapes for portable and home use and I conclude the Solo II comes out on top. After a hardware "error" appeared their customer service was excellent - a few questions and a replacement was received within 10 days. Outstanding!

    By Dward Farquard ( 2018-10-21 , 16:24 )

  • Love it!!!

    I own a desktop vaporizer (Plenty) and a portable vaporizer (Vapium Summit). I had been considering upgrading my portable vape for a while, and narrowed my choice to the Storz-Bickel Mighty. However, when I talked to a few different sales reps from different distributors, I decided to give the Solo II a try. Wow!!! When I used it for the first time, I was blown away. The ease of operating this vape is welcoming. The flavor and vape production are second to none, and the effect sent me to the stars! At this price, anyone considering this vape will not be disappointed. This is now a welcome addition to my vape collection, and for the past week has been the only vape I've been using. Great job, ARIZER!

    By Anonymous ( 2018-10-20 , 18:30 )

  • Solo 2 is a spot on work horse of a vape.

    I'm just writing a quick note to tell you guys rock. I've been through the different types of vaporizers and Arizer is #1 by far. My go to vape for everything. LOL. Canada should be proud of you! This thing is so easy to use, and clean, and spot on temperatures. Long battery life. WTF is there not to like, quick heat up times, mere seconds! Did I tell you how much I love my Arizer Solo 2? I like to start around 365 and then 385. But no problems cranking it max and using the water-pipe on it. Huge clouds and no char, no caca taste from overcooked herb! Nothing but clouds...LOL I love you guys!

    By Bulllee Nunya (11 Oct 2018 07:09 pm)

  • Excellent

    I had what I think may have been a software glitch in my Solo II. When it stopped working, the customer service was excellent - a quick assessment and a new unit sent out and received in less than a week. The SOLO II is fantastic too, it heats quickly, stays consistent at temperature and recharges quickly. Despite the problem with my unit and the warranty replacement, I'm totally happy with my SOLO II and Arizer - good work folks !

    By Dan Viau (18 Sep 2018 04:58 pm)

  • Great vape

    Had my solo 2 for about 6 months and let me tell you this vape is constant and very reliable. Best vape on the absolutely amazed. By the flavor this thing puts out .definitely recommend to a friend.all I go t ok say is buy one and you'll be very happy.

    By Jon heckrote ( 2018-09-15 , 15:14 )

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  • Excellent product and and even better customer service!

    I purchased the Arizer Air unit last year and have been very satisfied with its performance, ease of use, fast and easy to clean. Originally what drew me in to buying the product was that its made by a Canadian company. I experienced a small issue of the unit not charging and was pleasantly surprised with the customer service I received with the repair. Chucked it in the mail and got a brand new unit a week later with 2 new glass mouth pieces! Overall, the unit is great and the customer service I experienced was even better. Definitely sticking with the Arizer brand and looking forward to trying the new products!

    By Shane Cormier (20 Aug 2018 02:39 pm)

  • Sweet!!

    Sooooo awesome!!

    By Slug ( 2018-07-24 , 06:45 )

  • Loving it

    I was a smoker for over 30 years. Now I vape only with my Arizer air and loving it! I wish I vaped all along. Great product, great team too help out, so get yourself an Arizer Air and join the fun!

    By Joe Vanhoecke (20 Jul 2018 03:43 pm)

  • Awesome!

    We’ve bought 2 now! Amazing little vape. Love it and would “highly” recommend it!

    By Eva Parlee ( 2018-07-04 , 22:27 )

  • Great quality, great reliability

    I have had my Arizer Air for about 3 or 4 years. I have never had any issues with it and it still provides high quality vapor. I definitely recommend getting the 14mm Frosted attachment too.

    By mdvictor (20 Jun 2018 05:24 pm)

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  • Solid vaporizer

    I used this vaporizer for over a year without anything but great results. Great all around, good temp control, good battery and good charging. For various reasons I set the whole thing aside for a couple of years. Last month I got back to it, pulled out my Solo and was amazed that it was charged and working right out of the drawer. I put it on the charger, and it took all of 10 minutes to top it off to a full charge. Versatile and well-made piece of gear.

    By Fernand Raynaud (29 May 2018 05:27 am)

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  • 2013 to here

    One of the best buys I have ever made. I got my Extreme Q in 2013 and it has been in use pretty much every day since then. Very good vapour and customisable to how you want it. I use the whip and I have it at 220c, very nice vapour with zero combustion. Its saved me a LOT of money on the long run because you pack what you want and fly away. My advice would be over the 5 years I've used it would be to heat it up with the fan on and the elbow piece in (with no herb in) for about 5 mins.....honestly thank me later

    By ArchieJoker (26 Nov 2018 11:04 am)

  • One of best investment i ever done

    I use neem leaves for my lungs. Very good thickness and taste is wow!

    By visalperera1988 (23 Nov 2018 11:02 am)


    I’ve owned this thing for 5-6 years now and it has been a pleasure to use. It gets daily use (hourly?) and I haven’t had one issue with it! I love the way you can pack single bowls instead of the Volcano where you gotta pack like a gram or more. It’s so efficient! Also I have bought a second elbow joint and attached it to the mouthpiece side of the whip to attach to my water pipe. It works so well!!! I love Arizer and wanted to leave a review to show my appreciation. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made and if (God forbid) I ever lost it I would have to replace it immediately! I love that I can write an honest review right here on their website too. If I could give it 10 stars I would!

    By Dylan Bishop (21 Nov 2018 07:27 pm)

  • Excellent!

    I'll be buying another. My favorite vape by far.

    By Sean G. O'Mara Sr. ( 2018-11-13 , 19:31 )

  • The best!!!!

    The Extreme Q eased my transition to vaping and I have not looked back. My Extreme Q has been going for three plus years and if something ever happened to it I would buy another. I recommend this to all my friends and mine gets daily use. I like my Extreme Q so much that I just purchased the Solo 2 to add to my collection. Arizer is the best combination of functionality and price!

    By R.D. ( 2018-11-09 , 20:49 )

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  • Magnífico

    Cumple las expectativas de calidad y servicio

    By Javier Ar ( 2018-08-21 , 16:11 )

  • My Doctor recommended it.

    My Doctor said Vaping is much safer than combustible ingestion. We took his advice and are really happy with the decision. Wife and I can now enjoy our medicine without the more harmful side effects of smoke. We got the V-Tower model and the price was right. Took a little experimentation but we eventually found a good combination of grind size and temperature. Love it!

    By Bill Michel (31 Jul 2018 06:28 pm)

  • Excellent as expected

    I love this vape! The quality is the best. I have had several and this one blows them out of the water. It does pay for itself as advertised - I use less product. The accessories are very well priced and the shipping is great. This is a Canadian company to be proud of. Go Canada!

    By alanathomson (15 Jun 2018 01:56 pm)

  • The Arizer V-Tower is well worth the purchase.

    A classic, after all these years still the perfect hit. The same effect every time you draw. If you decide to get one, Enjoy! ✌

    By Aurora Borealis (02 Jun 2018 12:42 am)

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