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  • Need this one!!!

    I’ve had and arizer air for several years. I would say at least 5 and they are great! So is the customer service they are amazing if you have an issue. There is an app I use that you can track your vape or how ever you use herbs that was giving them out for free if you had enough points. I was able to get 2 and one was missing parts so I contacted Arizer and they not only sent me 1 mouth piece but they sent 2 and some rubber caps for no charge. I can’t wait to purchase the ArGo though. I need one I can charge with a USB port and the first Air doesn’t have that ability. In thought of getting the Arizer II but want to try something different. This sale makes it possible for me to afford this one!

  • All units

    I’ve found complete happiness using Arizer products for over ten years. All my units still function perfectly. Obtained an Argo the moment they were available and really used the heck out of it; my prescription for five grams per day means I need reliable quality devices. Arizer has never let me down.. Extremely happy with Solos one and two . I have a solo one that is over ten years old. I boasted about this and was given a new battery and seal for free. I love these guys, they are the best

  • Fantastic service

    Owning an Arizer Go, which I really enjoy owning. It broke after a little over a year, but Arizer took care of it, I sent it to a service representative in France (I'm in Europe) who not only sent me a new product in just a few days time, but also added a free battery and a free case with the shipment. Really well organized, fast and friendly! I'd be happy to choose Arizer again just for that level of service!

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  • AIR 2 - TOP Vaporizer

    Hellou, over the years I have purchased several vaporizers (Davinci Miqro, TopBond Novae, Xmax Starry, Storm, GrassHopper, Torch2). I was looking for a quality, durable and powerful vaporizer. I found: Arizer Air 2. I buy it from the Netherlands. I was very happy. I especially like the chamber heating system. One evening dropped AIR to the ground from a height of about 30 cm. The display broke.But the display is damaged. I contacted customer service and they replied promptly. The unit was replaced with a new one. Beyond the warranty.I am amazed excellent product, excellent service, excellent company. I love Arizer Company. Great people work in it. "Jessica, thank you very much".

  • Love love love!

    I love everything about the Arizer air 2, and I’m also very impressed by their great customer service, can’t go wrong!!

  • The best around

    This is an excellent dry herb vaporizer. It's easy to use, has incredible precision with temperature selection, and is very well made. I felt really bad when I dropped mine and killed the display screen, but when I reached out to Arizer to find out if it could be fixed, they offered to help me out, even though I wasn't under warranty. I guess I must've done a number on it, because they sent me a whole new one, and included some freebie glass accessories, which was really nice. Their customer service was quick to respond, polite, and helpful. Overall, I wouldn't look to any other company for products like this, though I'm definitely going to be a lot more careful with mine from now on. The build quality makes me think it'll last for years, as long as I don't butterfingers it onto the concrete.

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  • We 5 Solo II owners recommend it!

    After spending months reading and watching reviews on vaporizers I chose the Solo 2 and am very happy with my decision. I bought 5 Solo II vapes for my friends and I could not be happier. As to the service, it is also top notch. Great solid feel and excellent quality. The Solo ll produces awesome flavor and good clouds at a range of temperatures. Wow is all I can say, fantastic! ! Comes with more accessories than you’ll need! Lots of ability to personalize your settings and usage and is an absolute workhorse. The Solo II is extremely efficient at using a very little bit of material. This thing is so easy to use, and clean, and spot on temperatures. Long battery life. this vape is constant and very reliable recommend to 4 friends and sold them. Very good quality and look, vapor quality is tasty. Wow!!! When I used it for the first time, I was blown away. The ease of operating this vape is welcoming. Thank's Arizer for making superior products! I'm really impressed by how convenient and low-maintenance it is. You get a lot of use per charge. You can use it while it's charging too. The unit is easy to load and use. It's also surprisingly pleasing to hold. You can feel the quality of the design and materials. Ready to give me good service for many years. Even if it is not on sale, this product is worth its full price. Is a joy to use and super-easy to keep clean Arizer sells quality engineered no frill devices that simply work. Full temperature settings, Great display which can be adjusted to your liking The heat adjustment allows me to fine tune my temperature to suit each herb I use. I love all the built in safety features, and how smooth it operates. The Solo 2 is a great piece of technology. Anyone looking for a great vape, look no further, you will not be disappointed. Great quality product! Customer service at Arizer is amazing. Quick responses and extremely helpful. We 5 Solo II owners recommend it! Great job, ARIZER! Thanks. Bob

  • I have had my Solo 5 years and now a Solo 2

    I love this Vaporiser. Nothing tastes better than ceramic and glass and not to mention the health benefits. I also have Arizer Extreme Q, awesome, The Air 1 and 2, and the Argo.

  • Simply amazing!

    A review for people looking at options. I have the Zeus Arc, Smite + and this Solo 2. This is better battery, better vapour, easier to clean, glass mouth piece(no melted silicone in your mouth) yes superior in every aspect but portability but would never choose the others at home. no comparison simply put.

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  • Breath of fresh AIR!

    I can say my unit has been operating meticulously from the start . After years i had a slight operating issue which the amazing customer service team addressed quickly and efficiently, completely satisfying my needs, standing behind their product and making it right !! I also have the extreme Q and will be a loyal Arizer client for Life!! Thank You Arizer!!!

  • Thumbs up

    I have been using the Air for a few years. It is a fine, dependable, instrument. I use it daily .....worth every penny.

  • The Best!

    I Love my Arizer Air❤

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  • A Product That Will Stand The Test of Time

    I purchased my Tower Vaporizer about 10 years ago. I used it in every type of environment from an enclosed room in a house to a garage in the middle of winter. After 10 years I decided to open it as I figure "it must be full of dust and dirt". NOPE! No dust no dirt or stuff clinging to the important parts. Yes the heat will burn the dust but the plastic of this does not attract dust to the interior, it looked brand new inside and I was actually quite baffled considering how much I used it. Even from letting it get covered in dust on top it was easy to clean and has never given me problems. It still has the original battery in the controller that works. This product is worth is weight in gold and will perform amazing if you take some care with it but it does take a lot of abuse just don't drop it! I would simply blow out the inside with my mouth (when OFF and unplugged) and that worked no problem. Maybe compressed air would be better. It allowed me to completely switch to vaping and improved my health and saved me a lot of money too! Read the instructions and research what specific products you are using to see IF you can use this and what temperatures are safe.

  • Best decision I have made

    This is the only product I use now. I stopped smoking all together. This still provides the feel of taking a huge rip, but its so much easier on my throat

  • It should be called the amazing Q

    This is by far the best vape I have used. Well built works great and is super affordable. I recommend everyone from beginner to seasoned vet buy one. You won’t look back it will be the best vaping experience you can get ! You won’t regret this purchase!

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  • BEST Vaporizer EVER

    I have used vaporizers for several years. Recently old one died and I have been using other things like a vape pen. So I did research and found Arizer. This is by far, the absolute best vaporizer I have owned or used at other places. The vapor comes out so "soft" it takes getting used to it. The fans make all the difference. I prime it with a draw or two and then you can see the vapor coming out. You don't inhale deeply. In fact, you don't have to touch your mouth (lips) . Just get it close and nice and smooth, draw in the vapor. This is ideal for anyone with a respiratory illness like my COPD, for example.

  • The V-Tower

    I have COPD and enjoy using this for vapor . Full control of how I like this vaporizer . My friends are wowed when they see this . A mancave must 😎

  • Lovely

    After having started out our journey in the wonderful world of vaporized herb with a cheap handheld, we eventually realized that we were inefficiently burning up most of our stash and we needed to upgrade. The V-tower is absolutely amazing, especially for the beginner who wishes to take the plunge into desktop vapor. Resin builds up in the tube quite fast, but is generally not a problem to clean. Temperature control is stable and relatively accurate, and it performs far above the par for its price range. Less money spent on herb, and more time relaxing with the whip in hand. Having to switch from direct hits to a tube takes some getting used to, but you'll never want to go back afterwards.

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  • 7+ years of vaping bliss

    My first vape lasted over 7 years of daily, full heat use. These things are made incredibly well and help you get much more bang for your buck on the herb. Customer service is incredible for the rare occasion you may need their assistance. When my first one finally started to show signs of death (again.... 7+ years!!!!) there was no doubt in my mind what I would be replacing it with....another Solo!!!!! I'm so happy with these guys and their product. In a world where everyone seems to be trying to take advantage of the customer and just out to make a buck, these folks are supplying an amazingly sturdy product AND impeccible customer service. Plus, who doesn't love supporting Canadian companies 🙂 Good work Arizer, keep it up!!!!

  • The Solo is a tank! A beautiful Exceptional tank

    What a great company! What a great product. I owned my first solo for close to 10 years. I replaced the battery after 6 years of use. I decided to take the opportunity to purchase a new solo during their Canada Day sale. Item arrived in less than 2 days. Excellent. Their customer service is off the charts. Attentive, helpful and quick to help their customers. This is the product for you. Look no further.

  • My first and only vape

    I've used my Solo heavily for 3 years.. roughly 8000 sessions... The battery is starting to go but thats plug n play ez... I love it...metal.. simple... Plus you could Crocodile Dundee a purse snatcher in a crowd with it haha