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  • Solid portable, needs a couple tweaks to be perfect

    Love arizer stuff, I've had three of their vapes. Arizer has always been great to deal with and their products are top notch! The ArGo is a real portable, as its like 2.5"x4". Super compact, same strong hit you got from the solo (as long as you hit it the right way, mild draw, long inhale). The Argo needs two fixes. 1. The glass cover needs a lock, it's pretty much totally ineffective in your pocket. Maybe it would be ok in a perfectly sized hard plastic case, but otherwise it moves at the slightest touch. 2.Usb C charging. This should not need an explanation, USB C destroys micro. Get it on sale and it's a bargain. 🤘🤪

  • Great products, great service and support!

    I've had an Arizer Extreme Q for 8+ years and an ArGo for just under a year. Both are great products. When I've had any questions or issues Andrew in support has been quick to respond and help. Can't say enough good about these guys. Buy their products; you'll love them.

  • Love this Unit

    Cool tasty vapor, long-lasting battery, convenient loading with the tubes. Just what I needed!

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  • Great Service

    I recently had to contact customer service, I spoke with Andrew bout issues with my led screen ( my dog wanted the cardboard tube that I carry my vape in lol) I hadnt had even a year yet. I knew that damage wasnt not covered my warranty. Andrew asked me to send my vape in to see if it could be fix and if not they would give me a discount on a new one. I mailed it in Friday and the next Wensday I had a new vape sent back. They went way above and beyond for me!! I am a medical user so I use my vape daily, love this vape. Just so ya know I didnt have any other issues at all with my vape so I highly recommend this vape👍🏻 Thanks again Andrew

  • Excellent customer service

    I recently dropped my arizer air 2 unit from my side table and the LCD display stopped working so i contacted arizer and even though warranty did not cover such damages Andrew offered to help me out and do the repairs free of charge. i received my unit back within the same week that i sent it out. You can not go wrong with arizer products and they definitely stand behind their products.

  • Great Customer Service

    I had a couple of error issues with my Air II Vape in an 8 month span from buy it new. On both occassions Arizer customer support ( Andrew) was prompt and friendly. He solved both of my issues in a timely fashion. Arizer stands behind their product 100%. (They completely replace the device for me on the second issue.) I am please to experience a company with great customer service and who honours their warrantee of product hassle free. Bravo Arizer!

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  • Solo 2

    I love my solo 2. I have been using it for almost 2 years now. I haven't found anything that compares to it. When I have to go with out it for any reason, I use two other vapes to replace it.

  • Very nice product after some time learning it

    I created an account just to leave a review because I think this product deserves praise. I didn't like my Solo II at first, but eventually learned to love it. I've been using it almost exclusively for the last year. It took me months to really get acquainted with the device and figure out how to fine tune the experience. I have read complaints about tight draw, and I also had a problem with this for a while. It took a while, but I got this figured out. I use the same grinder, the same herb, at the same humidity, so I have been able to fine tune this device for an optimal vape without too many other variables to consider. Here are my best tips: First: It vapes better at low humidity. I let my herb dry out in the grinder for a couple days and then load my stems. A humidity pack (low %) would work well too, but I've just been "eyeballing" it so I don't know a good percentage to give. Probably somewhere in the ballpark of 30%? Second: Use the vacuum method to fill your stems. That means, fill your stem by sucking herb up into it, rather than pressing it in. If there's a mound of excess at the tip of your stem, knock it off, don't press it in. Third: Leave a gap. After you vacuum your herb into the stem and knock off the excess, you want to *gently* tap the herb down until it's about 1mm below the rim of the glass. And I mean *gently*.. the vacuum method creates a uniformly packed bowl with air channels all the way through.. you don't want to disturb that too much or it will tighten the draw. This is the key to a good vape. Arizer has an animation about the gap and I don't know where it came from.. but here's a link in gif format: .. That animation was super helpful for me. The gap is very important, otherwise you combust and get the awful burnt popcorn taste. Fourth: Don't over-pack.. less is better with the Solo II. Too much herb and you'll get tight draw, uneven heating, and won't get much out of it. If you did everything right, the stem should just barely hold in the herb without spilling while held upside down. That's when you know it's a good packing job. Loose, but tight enough to suspend upside down. If you follow these tips, you'll get a good, loose, consistent draw every time. With these parameters, I vape at 198C/388F. ABV comes out perfectly golden brown after 10 minutes, never any burnt edges. If you can get into the routine of doing this, the Solo II is a fantastic vape and the draw is comfortable. This device is also rock solid! Heavy, screw construction with a stout aluminum body all around. Arizer created a very nice product. I use mine multiple times nightly.. I bought an additional 7 stems (on sale thank goodness) for a total of 10, and I prefill them all at once so I don't have to refill as often. There is virtually no clean up at all. As long as you empty the ABV out of your stems soon after vaping, it falls right out with a light tap. If you leave it in too long, it will stick. Hold the Solo upside down, give the stem a couple twists and pull it down, then tap into ABV jar.. no herb is left in the heating area or stem. It almost never needs cleaning. Last tip: Don't get spaced out and drool into your stem like an idiot. The next vape will be nothing but extremely hot steam.. not kidding, be careful! It actually hurts. I was that idiot. I think it's important that manufacturers know that customers appreciate quality products.. so they continue making them high quality. There is so much cheap junk out there these days. Good job Arizer, and I hope someone finds this useful.

  • Don't Even Think about other options

    As other vapes may Boast a similar vapor quality but no vaporizer has the battery life or the same build quality as the solo. I have had my solo 2 for over a year with daily use and it works the same way i bought it. in conclusion its worth every penny.

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  • Great Vape

    I have a an Air and a Solo. Both are great products. The Air is an awesome value. The Solo is still going strong after about 3 years of frequent use. I have been using the Air for over a year. No problems with either. I never use the silicone sleeve. Order an extra battery or two and you are ready to seek adventure!

  • Awesome, but be careful with the glass stems

    I love this vape, it has great taste and just feels great. Only downside is it's a bit conspicuous to use in public, it makes me consider going for an Argo 🙂

  • This is my first dry herb vape.

    I would totally recommend this to somebody new to this. It's very easy to use and straightforward. I've had it for about 3 years now and it's still truckin along. The battery is starting to give, but I've been using it like daily so I'm shocked it's lasted this long tbh.

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  • Fantastic!!

    I've ordered a lot of products from this company, and even more accessories that have needed to be replaced or I've needed extras from, and I've only ever had a problem once. It was a mishipment and the customer service was easy to work with, and resolved everything extremely quick. I work in customer service and have for years, and the care and experience that Arizer delivered to me and continues to do so is amazing. 10/10 would recommend!

  • The best desktop vape out there

    I'm not sure what other features more expensive vaporizers can offer but I'm fairly certain they aren't worth the multi-hundred dollar price difference. If you're wondering whether the Arizer unit will be a good choice for you, I'm just gonna say yes, it's likely the best choice. I recently purchased a second Extreme Q so I could use the first as a backup. I had been using it almost daily for about 7 years and it was still going strong. Thanks for the quality product, Arizer!

  • 10/10 vaporizer

    A great desktop vaporizer! it completely changed my nightly routine. I no longer have to leave the comfort of my room to medicate, and I'm getting everything I was getting out of combustion without the harmful side effects. Amazing Canadian company, amazing customer support, and a fantastic product. Cannot recommend Arizer products enough!

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  • Shocking discovery.

    So my girlfriend and I have had our V-tower for about a year and a half ago + or - a couple months, amazing reliable daily use, only think we replaced was the whip cause it got so sticky even cleaning it with ETOH didn't help much, I'm writing this cause our foster puppy just frantically barged into the room and took out trust V tower off the 2 foot high coffee table to the hardwood below, not a mark on it, the elbow and whip popped off and skittered away ( I burnt the hell out of my fingers grabbing it forgetting it was 350C+) I was expecting something to be broken but it was fine, didn't even open up and make a mess. Can't beat it for the pice, I want the upgrade to the Extreme Q but I can't put out for a higher end unit when this one works fine and it won't fucking die, so both kudos and a shame for making such a quality product you missed out on a sale! for now...

  • Great piece

    Fantastic Piece, been smoking for years. Maybe it won't give a very big cloud of smoke but flavor is there, hits are incredible and the unit is very easy to use and clean. Thumbs up from me and this unit didn't disappoint me.

  • Awesome

    I ordered the V- Tower got it in less than a week and after my first use I am loving it so if it holds up to my everyday use I'll be happy

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  • Solid vaporizer

    I used this vaporizer for over a year without anything but great results. Great all around, good temp control, good battery and good charging. For various reasons I set the whole thing aside for a couple of years. Last month I got back to it, pulled out my Solo and was amazed that it was charged and working right out of the drawer. I put it on the charger, and it took all of 10 minutes to top it off to a full charge. Versatile and well-made piece of gear.