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  • All units

    I’ve found complete happiness using Arizer products for over ten years. All my units still function perfectly. Obtained an Argo the moment they were available and really used the heck out of it; my prescription for five grams per day means I need reliable quality devices. Arizer has never let me down.. Extremely happy with Solos one and two . I have a solo one that is over ten years old. I boasted about this and was given a new battery and seal for free. I love these guys, they are the best

  • Fantastic service

    Owning an Arizer Go, which I really enjoy owning. It broke after a little over a year, but Arizer took care of it, I sent it to a service representative in France (I'm in Europe) who not only sent me a new product in just a few days time, but also added a free battery and a free case with the shipment. Really well organized, fast and friendly! I'd be happy to choose Arizer again just for that level of service!

  • Pre-order review

    I was sold a solo years ago by mistake at a local shop. Best mistake of my life. That vape, which at this point is almost 7 years old, still works great. I lost the charger and bought an extreme q after probably 2 years of debate. I use it several times a day . Every product by this company is solid. I recommend them to everyone. Cant wait to order this new guy. Looks dope and can only assume it works as well as everything else ive gotten of theirs. Literally nothing has come close

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  • Arizer Air 2

    What a beautiful piece of kit this thing is! Top notch in quality, and the best vape production I have ever experienced from a portable vape!

  • Arizer outdoes itself

    This product is Epic!! all the improvement are fantastic... the best vaporizer so far!

  • excellent

    I am a medical patient with Parkinson’s and use cannabis for relief. Over the years I have purchased several vaporizers, including a Pax, AirVape and Firefly 2. I need a vaporizer which is easy to load, use, and clean with my deteriorating motor skills. Last December I found that it was getting difficult to use the Firefly. I purchased a Solo2. To my pleasant surprise the taste from the Solo was amazing. I found that pulling the tube up ever so slightly gives a convection taste that is as good or better than the Firefly. Using the unit is easy I just push a bud into the tube and push it in unit. It easy to hold and the battery lasts for a days before needing a charge. In April I decided that I wanted a more portable Vaporizer, one that would take standard batteries. Being very pleased with the Solo I purchase an Air 2. Unfortunately, last week I had an uncontrolled hand movement and knocked it off a coffee table. The display no longer worked, and I didn’t know what else might be wrong. I contacted customer service and they replied promptly and are taking care of it! I am amazed excellent product, excellent service, excellent company. They go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. Thank you Arizer.

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  • I have had my Solo 5 years and now a Solo 2

    I love this Vaporiser. Nothing tastes better than ceramic and glass and not to mention the health benefits. I also have Arizer Extreme Q, awesome, The Air 1 and 2, and the Argo.

  • Simply amazing!

    A review for people looking at options. I have the Zeus Arc, Smite + and this Solo 2. This is better battery, better vapour, easier to clean, glass mouth piece(no melted silicone in your mouth) yes superior in every aspect but portability but would never choose the others at home. no comparison simply put.

  • Fantastic Customer Service

    After around a year of useage, my Solo NLE (a discontinued model based on the original solo) had a burnt out LED. Arizer replaced the unit with a Solo II, a significant upgrade. The Solo II is great, the battery lasts much longer than my previous Solo.

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  • Greatest Customer Service!!~~~

    Every single time that I have had to Contact Arizer, albeit with a question or a Product that needed attention to, they were very quick to address any & all Concerns! I use this for Medical Purposes & require dependable, quality products. I have had several Different Arizer Products over the years, & IMO, you get what you pay for, & I want quality. Thanks Andrew & the Arizer Team!!~~~

  • Great Vape

    I have a an Air and a Solo. Both are great products. The Air is an awesome value. The Solo is still going strong after about 3 years of frequent use. I have been using the Air for over a year. No problems with either. I never use the silicone sleeve. Order an extra battery or two and you are ready to seek adventure!

  • Awesome, but be careful with the glass stems

    I love this vape, it has great taste and just feels great. Only downside is it's a bit conspicuous to use in public, it makes me consider going for an Argo 🙂

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  • Best decision I have made

    This is the only product I use now. I stopped smoking all together. This still provides the feel of taking a huge rip, but its so much easier on my throat

  • It should be called the amazing Q

    This is by far the best vape I have used. Well built works great and is super affordable. I recommend everyone from beginner to seasoned vet buy one. You won’t look back it will be the best vaping experience you can get ! You won’t regret this purchase!

  • The Best there is...

    I've had my Extreme Q so long, I can't even remember when I bought it... easily the best investment I've made in smoking apparatuses. I've lost the whip, broken dozens of bowls and elbows (my fault), dropped it (with the bag in) and it just keeps on working. Lights still work, sound still works.. remote still works. Quality build, perfection in design - better than that other desktop vape in value and versatility. Plus Arizer support is probably the best I've ever encountered. I think my Extreme Q will last forever, but if it doesn't - I'm buying another one, that day. Y'all are legends.

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  • Faulty item replaced FAST!

    My V Tower stopped working and it was three months until the end of warranty. Arizer got me a new unit in 18 days. Most of the time was spent posting the old unit to France and waiting for a new one. They were fast in their email replies and I'm very happy with what I got. I hope you know this means I will give you more of my money b'cos you have a good product and when faulty no excuses or waffle. Look after your receipt and take care of the product and Arizer will take care of you. I think it's good to know that this product worked daily for 33 months and when faulty Arizer replaced with little effort and it only cost me £13:50 postage which I'll happily eat b'cos good business goes both ways. John AKA DJ Blade.

  • Shocking discovery.

    So my girlfriend and I have had our V-tower for about a year and a half ago + or - a couple months, amazing reliable daily use, only think we replaced was the whip cause it got so sticky even cleaning it with ETOH didn't help much, I'm writing this cause our foster puppy just frantically barged into the room and took out trust V tower off the 2 foot high coffee table to the hardwood below, not a mark on it, the elbow and whip popped off and skittered away ( I burnt the hell out of my fingers grabbing it forgetting it was 350C+) I was expecting something to be broken but it was fine, didn't even open up and make a mess. Can't beat it for the pice, I want the upgrade to the Extreme Q but I can't put out for a higher end unit when this one works fine and it won't fucking die, so both kudos and a shame for making such a quality product you missed out on a sale! for now...

  • Great piece

    Fantastic Piece, been smoking for years. Maybe it won't give a very big cloud of smoke but flavor is there, hits are incredible and the unit is very easy to use and clean. Thumbs up from me and this unit didn't disappoint me.

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  • My first and only vape

    I've used my Solo heavily for 3 years.. roughly 8000 sessions... The battery is starting to go but thats plug n play ez... I love it...metal.. simple... Plus you could Crocodile Dundee a purse snatcher in a crowd with it haha

  • Fantastic company and products!

    I originally bought a V-tower 10 years ago and loved it. When it finally gave up the ghost (due to my own negligence, not due to the quality of the product), I immediately bought another. More recently, I decided to give the Solo a try - same exact experience! Based on these experiences, I think I will only stick with Arizer products. Add to this the unbelievable customer service, fast shipping and a Canadian company to boot!

  • Fast shipping excellent product

    Originally was going to get extreme q, after reading such positive reviews decided on solo I. Easy to maintain and setup. Very durable and smaller than I imagined. Looking forward to this for years.