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  • Amazing performance

    The ArGo really rocks! I had my fair share of portable vapes and the ArGo beats most of them. It has Arizer quality and produces the best tasting vapor very efficiently.

  • Fantastic products and company!

    I've been using Arizer products for around 10 years. I started with the extreme desktop - it still works. When the Air was released I bought one and it still functions perfectly even after several years use and abuse! My only complaint about the Air was the short battery life which I solved with the dual charger and additional batteries. When the ArGo was released I bought one almost immediately. I used it extensively for just over a year when the battery latch failed and wouldn't close. I contacted Arizer immediately and they requested I return the unit to them for repair or replacement. Today I received my new ArGo which is only 6 days since I contacted them. This is excellent customer service. I have no hesitation in recommending their fantastic products. They are well made, easy to clean and provide the best quality vapor that can be had. Several of my friends have already purchased the ArGo or Air based not just on my recommendations but having tried and seen how well their products work. Thanks Arizer - you have great products and you look after your customers too. Bravo!

  • ArGo

    Bought a ArGo and I love it!!! The taste is so smooth, and the flavor is amazing. I have the Pax 2 and 3 and this one is 10 times better.

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  • Best portable vape on the market today

    The Arizer Air II is, without doubt, the best portable vaporizer available on the market today. Sleek design, solid materials and quality manufacturing result in a vaporizer that’s both effective and easy-to-use. Best of all, Arizer is not a fly-by-night company (but they will change your life). If you happen to break a part, you can get a replacement. They still sell parts for vapes they made over a decade ago. Vapor quality is about as good as it gets for a portable vape. There’s a study out of Europe that proves the Arizer Solo is superior to its competitors: The Air II is an even better and more advanced vape than the Solo. The innovative yet simple design is the reason why Arizer vapes are both efficient and effective. The glass stem is also the bowl. There’s no convoluted vapor pathway. This ensures efficient use of material, thick vapor and makes the device easy to clean. Arizer designs & engineers their vapes in Canada and backs them with an amazing warranty and the best support in the business. You can’t go wrong with the Air II. I’ve had it for over a year and it still works well. I’m still using the original battery and the capacity is like new. My last Arizer vape, the original Extreme, lasted 11 years. I could have fixed the heater, but it served me well. It got a lot of use. I live in the SF Bay Area, so, um, yeah, a lot of use. I could probably be an honorary Doobie Brother. Point is, their vapes are well made and last a long time.

  • Amazing device

    Bought my first Air1 in March 2015 because I stopped smoking (changed to vaping) and had to find an alternative for my favorite herbs. Since that day the Air1 **workhorse** heated up for 5 to 15 sessions (each 10 minutes) per day, every single day! Never used it with the wall charger and never charged the batteries in the device - but I guess it won`t make a big difference. Just more convenient to use an external charger as my ecigarettes use the 18650 as well. Exchangeable battery - a must have! Now a few days ago I got my new Arizer2. Arizer1 still works like a charm but I was 1) curious 2) I like back ups 3) nice price. And yes, it has some improvements, for me the main one is the much better air flow. Display and better temperature control are nice to have but don`t justify to get the v2 if you have the v1 already. I won`t give away the v1 neither the v2 🙂 Bottom line --> the best quality device I've got in my shelf! Really love them both. Cheers

  • Best vape. Best company.

    Incredibly satisfied beyond measure on the performance and easy maintenance of this fantastic machine. It saves me energy In all forms, time (I always know what I’m using) money (doesn’et use a lot of herb nor do you need much) and it is incredibly smooth and the taste is always exceptional. The team at Arizer are the best at what they do and with good reason. The engineers combine simplicity with reliability and deliver a product of remarkable performance. The customer service (especially Andrew, whom I have dealt with on a few occasions) is equally fantastic and always on top of questions and concerns. As always Arizer, thank you and do ‘t Stop being great! Brandon

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  • Total game changer.

    Hands down the best vape I've ever used. The vapor is cool and abundant. The oven leaves very little or no residue behind, just dry ABV. It heats up incredibly fast and is ready to produce ample vapor in under a minute. The session timer is also a great feature. I can't recommend this enough. It changes everything!

  • Arizer customer for life

    First time ever writing a product review! I was a Solo I user since it came out and upgraded to the II in 2017. Both versions are stellar- great vapour first and foremost- and great battery life and easy cleaning to boot. But the reason I’m writing this is to commend Arizer on its warranty and customer service. First problem I ever had with the device was handled so quickly and kindly by Andrew the service tech. .. Thanks Arizer,!

  • Great product

    Love my vape and the customer service is phenomenal.

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  • Excellent product and and even better customer service!

    I purchased the Arizer Air unit last year and have been very satisfied with its performance, ease of use, fast and easy to clean. Originally what drew me in to buying the product was that its made by a Canadian company. I experienced a small issue of the unit not charging and was pleasantly surprised with the customer service I received with the repair. Chucked it in the mail and got a brand new unit a week later with 2 new glass mouth pieces! Overall, the unit is great and the customer service I experienced was even better. Definitely sticking with the Arizer brand and looking forward to trying the new products!

  • Sweet!!

    Sooooo awesome!!

  • Loving it

    I was a smoker for over 30 years. Now I vape only with my Arizer air and loving it! I wish I vaped all along. Great product, great team too help out, so get yourself an Arizer Air and join the fun!

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  • Love it!!

    I love my extreme Q. Great price and the machine works amazing! I've had mine for about 2 years. The company is quick to get out more parts/bags/aromatic herbs. I recommend this vape to all my friends!

  • Amazing Experience!

    I was in for a surprise & I knew it. As soon as it arrived, I was super excited. I waited soo long for this! When I unpacked the box & set it all up, it looked very cool & i loved the lights on it. The build quality is solid. First, I tried the sample herbs that were sent with it, lavender. The room smelled so good after just about 10 minutes, i felt calm. Then I loaded up my medicine & put it on 220 c to test it out compared to a portable vaporizer & I accidentally inhaled the medicine so I made sure the ring was at the end of the pipe & started vaping. Trust me, after this experience, I am never going back to smoking. Combustion is old news. This device has done a wonderful & effective job. I am so happy that I finally decided to purchase the Extreme Q. I was so unsure about buying it. This is well worth the investment. Thanks Arizer for such a product.

  • outstanding customer service

    My Extreme Q stopped working, I contacted customer service and described the problem to Andrew who diagnosed the problem as the power supply. He sent one to me immediately that solved the problem. You cannot get better than that.

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  • The Best

    Using vaporizers daily for a few decades and Arizer has proven the best of at least six other brands used. The quality, design, ease of use and customer support are all among the finest!

  • the good stuff

    Been using this for a good few years now. So very happy with my choice. Would certainly recommend. Cheering from Australia.

  • Magnífico

    Cumple las expectativas de calidad y servicio

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