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  • Phenomenal Customer Service

    It's a great product , I had a minor problem with my unit. I call them up and they took Great care of me. Best customer Service Ever!

    By LEO DIAZ (05 Aug 2018 10:32 pm)

  • Solo ll - My First Vaporizer

    Wow is all I can say! Great solid feel and excellent quality. The Solo ll produces awesome flavor and good clouds at a range of temperatures. Fantastic!

    By Mike Rizun ( 2018-07-31 , 10:02 )

  • Solo II

    This vaporizer works better than any other i’ve Tried! Quickly produces a thick, clean vapor which lasts!! You can adjust the elapsed time of your session and just press the button to continue to another 10 or so minutes! It’s Excellent !! Comes with more accessories than you’ll need! Great Product,,, YES,, I recommend it!

    By Richard Vreeland (29 Jun 2018 05:21 am)

  • Love this vape

    I have an Extreme Q which is great, but this one works even better, and with less!

    By Randy Jacobsen (15 Jun 2018 02:48 am)

  • Great product! Great service! Great company!

    I own five vapes. Two are Arizer products which are used daily. The other three are from different manufacturers but not one beats my Arizers. The Solo II is particularly great when it comes to efficiency. I can get 20 minutes of vapor from just a small bowl and I could not be happier. As to the service, it is also top notch.

    By Nicol Simard (07 Jun 2018 07:24 pm)

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  • Changed my life

    The Arizer is a prize possession around my house, NO ONE in my house may touch it i treat it like it is the love of my life. My life is completely changed from the discreetness and portability. 10/10

    By Grandpa Jack ( 2018-10-20 , 01:12 )

  • Best. Purchase. Ever.

    What a horse. Have had it for almost four years, is my daily driver, 2-3 hours per. Haven't ever had to replace anything apart from tubing since purchase. Just buy one, your lungs will thank you!

    By skydiverQ ( 2018-10-12 , 17:27 )

  • Solid

    It works well and is easy to use, solid performance. The price is about the best I can find for a quality high grade unit.

    By mrdanaphelps ( 2018-09-28 , 09:57 )


    An excellent piece of merchandise with quality parts and ease of use. I just wish I had gotten this year's ago. It's been abused and dropped and still working like day one. Thank you for your product.

    By Nofri Fornoro ( 2018-09-24 , 20:29 )

  • 6 years strong

    I have had my Extreme Q for 6 years now, I use it daily and it stick works like a charm. I bought it to replace the original v tower., which I had for 4 years but dropped and broke, Arizer products are built to last!

    By Scott Moore ( 2018-09-16 , 14:21 )

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