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  • Amazing

    This is amazing ... Heats up fast and tastes so nice ... my first one broke after a month but they replaced very fast and have had the second one for a year and a half I use it almost every day I love it !!! Buy it !!!

    By Tyler H ( 2018-05-23 , 02:17 )

  • Love this unit

    The Solo II heats up fast. It works best on lower temps with a nice crisp clean flavor.

    By starlitedreamer6669 (22 May 2018 07:02 pm)

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  • Amazing in PA

    This product is perfect, well made, and shipped perfectly (time and with care). You can tell that they truly care about the experience of using it. I don’t know how I got anything out of my herbs without this! Great customer care team and a wonderful company to buy from. 10 out of 10 on this perfect example of function and price point coming together to make an amazing machine.

    By Mike Flood ( 2018-09-14 , 08:35 )

  • 2 Years at two hours a day...

    I can't believe this is still running! I use my Extreme every day and I would estimate it runs for about 2 hours....every single day! I broke a mouthpiece and I've broken a bowl, both through accidental dropping on my part. That said, I wouldn't give up the glass airways for a second. The vapour is clean as the day I bought it if I keep it clean. Replacement parts are very reasonable. I've tried the majority of the other big names out there and the Extreme Q can't be beat by any of them in my opinion.

    By Dan Kingston ( 2018-09-11 , 14:08 )

  • Quality, economy and class combined

    Purchased the Extreme Q four years ago (2014) and have been very very pleased with it. Has been in use daily, with average of 4 sessions a day. I like having the choice to use either the whip system or the bag system with fan; I found I prefer the bag with fan system for its portability . Also very easy clean, just drop glass pieces into alcohol, shake and wa-la; and same for machine itself - just blow out, and easy bag replacement (elastic band fights always part of the fun). HUGE difference in taste of herb between vaping with this vs smoking - can really enjoy the flavours. In four years, I never experienced any glass breaking - I have oodles of glass whip mouth pieces as come with any replacement bags purchased. I very much appreciate the ability to fine tune the temperature, as each herb responds differently with different temps. Same with the fan, as my testing has definitely confirmed that different fan speed also affects flavour and effect. My 4 year old Extreme Q just started having issues (fan intermittently won't come on), which I am not complaining about after close to 6000 sessions (works about to have cost me approx 3cents a session)! And Arizer service has been really great with helping me troubleshoot and coming up with options. I have decided to go with purchasing the latest Extreme Q - if I get 4 years out of the new, I will continue to be impressed with the workmanship of this device. Thanks again Arizer for making a great product - and thank you for your amazing support

    By Joyce Cardinal ( 2018-09-10 , 08:19 )

  • Amazing device

    Bought this a couple years ago and it still works perfectly. Still my favorite piece to use to date. Use other vapes and this still has given me the best experience.

    By Michael Achille ( 2018-09-02 , 21:49 )

  • I love my Extreme Q!

    I was really hesitant to spend the big bucks on a full-sized vaporizer, but I am so glad I did. The balloon system makes it easy to regulate my doses, and the vapour is clean and cool. No smoke or over-heated air burning my throat anymore! I also really like the remote, whose presence makes using the Extreme Q very convenient.

    By Allison M ( 2018-08-27 , 08:33 )

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