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  • Solid portable, needs a couple tweaks to be perfect

    Love arizer stuff, I've had three of their vapes. Arizer has always been great to deal with and their products are top notch! The ArGo is a real portable, as its like 2.5"x4". Super compact, same strong hit you got from the solo (as long as you hit it the right way, mild draw, long inhale). The Argo needs two fixes. 1. The glass cover needs a lock, it's pretty much totally ineffective in your pocket. Maybe it would be ok in a perfectly sized hard plastic case, but otherwise it moves at the slightest touch. 2.Usb C charging. This should not need an explanation, USB C destroys micro. Get it on sale and it's a bargain. 🤘🤪

  • Great products, great service and support!

    I've had an Arizer Extreme Q for 8+ years and an ArGo for just under a year. Both are great products. When I've had any questions or issues Andrew in support has been quick to respond and help. Can't say enough good about these guys. Buy their products; you'll love them.

  • Love this Unit

    Cool tasty vapor, long-lasting battery, convenient loading with the tubes. Just what I needed!

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  • Great Service

    I recently had to contact customer service, I spoke with Andrew bout issues with my led screen ( my dog wanted the cardboard tube that I carry my vape in lol) I hadnt had even a year yet. I knew that damage wasnt not covered my warranty. Andrew asked me to send my vape in to see if it could be fix and if not they would give me a discount on a new one. I mailed it in Friday and the next Wensday I had a new vape sent back. They went way above and beyond for me!! I am a medical user so I use my vape daily, love this vape. Just so ya know I didnt have any other issues at all with my vape so I highly recommend this vape👍🏻 Thanks again Andrew

  • Excellent customer service

    I recently dropped my arizer air 2 unit from my side table and the LCD display stopped working so i contacted arizer and even though warranty did not cover such damages Andrew offered to help me out and do the repairs free of charge. i received my unit back within the same week that i sent it out. You can not go wrong with arizer products and they definitely stand behind their products.

  • Great Customer Service

    I had a couple of error issues with my Air II Vape in an 8 month span from buy it new. On both occassions Arizer customer support ( Andrew) was prompt and friendly. He solved both of my issues in a timely fashion. Arizer stands behind their product 100%. (They completely replace the device for me on the second issue.) I am please to experience a company with great customer service and who honours their warrantee of product hassle free. Bravo Arizer!

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  • Wow!

    I was shocked how easy it was to use from the start, charge and go! Great vapor and effects!

  • i loveee my Solo2!!

    i can't be more happy with mi unit solo 2, excedeed all my espectatios. The materials are nice to the hand, quicky charge and slow discharge. reallty easy to use. and the support team are great and the best. I sent an email and two weeks later they call me from the customer service in Argentina, and solve all free of charge!!! arizer is the best!!

  • Quality vape, low price !

    My very first vaporizer was a Arizer air ( Still working since 2014 ). After that i owned a Davinci Iq but i've sell it to buy the Arizer Solo 2 and wow for 100$ LESS than the IQ the Solo 2 is the best Vaporizer you can get for this price. The vape quality is really better than the IQ and the Ariflow is just so great ! Almost no restriction !! If you want the best vape but dont have the money for the Mighty/Crafty. The Solo 2 is THE option for way less $$

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  • The Air is Awesome!!

    Great company, and a very professional customer service team. I have the Arizer Air and let me tell you It works amazing for when your out on the go! and a top quality product vapes like a champ. I also got some extra batteries and charger, so when I vape with my friends we get good sessions!

  • Light, Fast, and Effective...

    I switched from combustion to the Air 3 years ago, and I couldn't be happier. I run Ultramarathons and do other silly human powered outdoor adventures, the Air goes everywhere I do (except flying to other countries..). It has been bombproof. It has reduced my herbal consumption to 1/4th of what it was 3 yrs ago. It payed for itself in 3 months. I use it multiple times/day especially during training. I no longer cough after intense training and racing efforts, my lungs have never felt better. I have won races, I have run 50 km of trails under 4hrs, I have been competing for over 20 years in cycling and running, just for a little background. Forest fires are also becoming a major issue, the Air will never cause a fire, safety first!! I could go on and on about how great the Air has been, what a great customer service, but you get the gist...get one, you won't regret it.

  • This thing is awesome!

    I am just gonna cut to the chase... I am a daily user. I picked this thing up when I switched from combustion to a permanent vaper. I have used this thing daily for months, multiple times daily for months. I have dropped it in my tub while bathing. It did not care. It just keeps working. Dried it off, ran a max heat cycle to evaporate any remaining water, and it's like it never happened. 100% recommend. Make the switch to this and you will never go back to smoking. The taste quality this thing produces is phenomenal. I did not think I could enjoy any more than I already did, but this takes it to a whole new level.

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  • Very Happy Customer

    Ordering the Arizer Extreme Q was my first time purchasing a product from Arizer and my first time purchasing a vaporizer. I was very pleasantly surprised with the good quality of the Extreme Q. I have used other more expensive vaporizers owned by friends and they were simply not as good as the EQ. Upon first use I noticed that there was unfortunately a small crack in one of the glass cyclone bowls. I messaged Arizer and they got back to me immediately and sent a new replacement part free of charge and shipping. The product and customer service are both amazing! Don't hesitate if you are thinking about getting the EQ vs. something else, because this thing rocks!

  • Absolutely the best vaporizer on the market in my opinion

    I've been using vaporizers for a while, starting with No2 that I still have, that still works even though I had to hardwire the power adapter into the unit since the power supply connector broke out. I knew I had to finally break down and get a replacement and while I wanted a volcano (foolishly I now know) being I'm on a fixed income I was never going to be able to afford one. Then by absolute luck I saw the Extreme Q and thought to myself this is the ticket. I can assure anyone reading this who is also thinking about owning a volcano to just stop that thought and get the Extreme Q. The volcano will not let you use a bag or a whip, the volcano bags do not have ground glass tips that when combined with the class whip pulled drop right into your favorite bong or bubbler, the Extreme Q damn sure will. If the volcano had a whip I doubt that they would've included glass mouthpieces and then little pieces of whip that you can put on the glass mouthpiece and put in the 10 mm side of the glass whip and use the whip with your favorite bong or bubbler, but again that is all possible with the Extreme Q. There are just two things that you have to do to get it to perform properly, you have to be patient and realize that when you first turn it on, it's not going to be ready and secondly you have to be patient… Now you might notice that said the same thing twice, and that's because that's really the only thing you have to do is be somewhat patient if 10 minutes is too long to take out of your busy life, maybe you just need to roll a joint. Set this thing the 390 Fahrenheit with an empty glass bowl, turn it on and tell Alexis to give you a 10 minute countdown timer and when she goes off, put a scoop of your favorite bud in the bowl It with the whip or the glass whip if you're doing a bag, wait two more minutes give or take and turn the fan on and you will watch it go from green to brown and the world will be right

  • We love it

    So happy to have an affordable vaporizer that really does the job. The smoke isn't harsh, and it has a cool and fresh taste to it -- depending on what you have in there of course. And its awesome that they have spare parts sold on the website in case you lose something!

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  • Best Vap Ever

    Bought the v-tower last week. It took me a day or so to get the hang of how much air to draw and how quickly, etc. Slight learning curve. But once you get it, the unit is BY FAR the best desktop vap at that price point. No contest. The whip has a glass elbow connector piece on one end and a glass mouthpiece on the other. The whip is made of surgical tubing. Just as promised by Arizer. There was not even the slightest trace of any plastic or anything else for that matter. Just a very high quality vapor. My father has a volcano, so I do have a solid reference point for what a quality vap is. And for this price point, it is right up there with the volcano. Which is unbelievable. I micro dose. Which means I spent a lot of time trying to find the right unit. Really glad I went with this. Despite what youtube vids say, that you need to load at least 1/3 of the herbal chamber. I have been using a tiny pinch of herb. With the same material I can usually do 2-3 sessions at 2 solid pulls per session. Amazing usage and economical as you would be using less herb to get more. This is my 1st vaporizer. But going from combustion to vaping, I can confirm that the effect is even stronger from the vap. I tried smoking today, and felt sick. The 10 days where I have only vaped, my body seems to have cleaned up and I could really taste the combustive content as it is. When you smoke regularly your body get acclimated to those toxins. Try taking a long break from smoking. Then try smoking after having used this vap or any other. Then you will see how foul combustion is. Another easy way to draw comparison, is to just smell the herbal chamber after you empty it. It smells clean and sweet. A very pleasant healthy odor is emitted from the vaped material. And this scent stays with the herbal chamber. Now go ahead and have a wiff of your ashtray. It smells terrible. Which is exactly what most people wind up putting into their system until something moves them towards vaping. And this is what the v-tower is. A quality vap at an amazing price. Also, to be clear, I saw many reviews on youtube. And some said you cannot get amazing vapor or thick clouds. Believe me, by the 2nd-3rd day I was pulling monster rips. I took one massive hit, and so much vapor was produced I wish I caught it on camera. This unit is literally the best vap out there at this price. I can finally retire combustion for good. Customer service was excellent. I had a small issue with the aroma therapy chamber. Made contact with a solid rep who sent out a replacement right away. Very impressed with the unit and the manufacturing standard. Based in Canada. Cant say enough good things about it. I hope Arizer will keep up the amazing work and not cheap out on parts as some of the foreign companies tend to do. At the moment Arizer is adhering to a very high standard and it shows in the unit and vapor. Hope this helps others to make a decision. As it can get very confusing when searching for a vaporizer.

  • A class investment

    After reading all of the five star reviews I figured I had to try this thing out for myself . Every review that you read is absolutely true! The device is simple, easy to use in a highly reliable . Heats bowl quickly and efficiently. 10/10 stars

  • Amazing !

    This product is well done, very easy to use it , quality/price excellent !!! Thank you !

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  • Solid vaporizer

    I used this vaporizer for over a year without anything but great results. Great all around, good temp control, good battery and good charging. For various reasons I set the whole thing aside for a couple of years. Last month I got back to it, pulled out my Solo and was amazed that it was charged and working right out of the drawer. I put it on the charger, and it took all of 10 minutes to top it off to a full charge. Versatile and well-made piece of gear.