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  • Excellent, long lasting product

    The Extreme Q is a very reliable and cost effective product. I love this quality built vape!

    By W. ODonnell ( 2018-06-19 , 09:42 )

  • LOVE IT!!!

    I absolutely love my Arizer! Best purchase yet! The vapor is smooth, gentle on the lungs, and you can actually taste the flavours which makes the experience so much nicer! The Extreme Q is hands down my choice for quick relief! So thank you for making such an amazing product and making it affordable! I give this 5 stars! I love that I can use it as a an infuser for dry herbs like camomile, lavender, orange peel, and so many others you offer for purchase! Love it all! I tell everyone about it! ? Everyone should have one ?

    By Nanette C Steward ( 2018-06-02 , 06:35 )

  • Love it

    This thing is amazing and for the price its unbeatable. I vote best vape out there.

    By Justin Longmire ( 2018-05-28 , 06:52 )

  • Real Value !

    Excellent vaporizer system once you get to know how it works! Excellent flavor and great visible vapor!

    By leshuggah.fs ( 2018-05-28 , 05:27 )

  • Amazing Vaporizer

    I bought this because I am mostly homebound and other vaporizers weren't doing it for me for home use. This has changed everything about the way I see vaporizing. Straight out of the package, this is so easy to assemble/setup. Within minutes I had it powered up and tested out. No issues whatsoever.

    By Holly P ( 2018-05-15 , 05:22 )

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