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Multi-Purpose Heater

For Dry Herbs & Aromatherapy

Portable Micro Heater
Pure Convection Heating

w. / Fast-Heating Ceramic Element

Precise Digital Temperature Control
Precise Digital Temperature Control

Dial-in to the Connoisseur in You

Custom Session Settings

Audio / Beep Tone, Auto Shut-off Timer, Temp Display in C & F

Mini Whip
High Quality BoroSilicate Glass Parts

Easy to Use & Easy to Clean

Glass Cyclone Bowl

Full Coverage Cyclonic Airflow

High Quality Components
Carefully Sourced, High Quality Components

Experience Why Arizer is Better by Design

Manufacturer's Warranty
Manufacturer's Warranty

Industry Leading Customer Services


Many aromatic botanicals can be vaporized to precise temperatures releasing pleasing aromas, terpenes, and botanical compounds. Promote/enhance energetic or relaxing environments.


Use the Whip System for a direct draw or freshen & set the mood with the Aromatherapy feature.

V-Tower Multi Purpose

Efficient & Economical

Designed with efficiency in mind, the V-Tower delivers tasty vapor every time. The Glass Cyclone Bowl allows you to effectively control dosage and get the most of your botanicals.

V-Tower Efficient and Economical

Easy To Use & Easy To Clean

User friendly parts and controls simplify your experience and make cleaning up a breeze.

V-Tower Easy To Use

Quality & Performance

V-Tower Quality And Performance

What’s Included

1 x V-Tower Multi-Purpose Heater

1 x V-Tower Power Adapter

1 x V-Tower Glass Cyclone Bowl

1 x V-Tower Glass Aromatherapy Dish

1 x Glass Stirring Tool

1 x V-Tower 3′ Whip (Silicone)

1 x Spare V-Tower Flat Screen

1 x Spare V-Tower Dome Screen

1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals

1 x V-Tower Owner’s Manual

V-Tower What's Included

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V-Tower FAQ
Q: What’s the difference between the Extreme Q and V-Tower?
A: The Extreme Q has a Remote Control and built-in fan for filling Bags/Balloons, whereas the V-Tower does not and can only be used with the Hose/Whip system.
Q: What type(s) of materials can be used in the V-Tower?
A: Our products are for use with Dry Herbal Materials only and not intended for use with any liquids, oils, concentrates, etc.
Q: What is the Dry Herb capacity in the V-Tower?
A: The V-Tower Glass Cyclone Bowl can hold approximately 0.7 grams.
Q: Can I microdose with the V-Tower?
A: Yes, you can load the chamber of the Extreme Q Glass Cyclone Bowl with as much or as little as you prefer. For microdoses, lightly tamp down a small amount of herbs so it stays packed together. Alternatively, after 1-2 draws just turn off the fan and/or heat, and leave the remaining material for future use. You can leave the bowl on top of your unit and none of the active components will be released; only when the warm air travels through your herbs will it produce vapor.
Q: Can I use a water filtration product/bubbler with the V-Tower?
A: Yes, the Extreme Q’s Glass Elbow Adapter and Glass Elbow Adapter w./ Glass Screen are made with 19mm glass on glass fittings. Simply remove the Glass Mouthpiece from the Whip, attach a Glass Elbow Adapter in its place, then easily connect to 19mm glass on glass downstem fittings.
Q: Does the V-Tower come with a warranty?
A: Yes, the V-Tower carries a Lifetime Warranty on the heating element and a Limited 3-Year Warranty covering defects in materials or workmanship. No need to register, simply retain dated proof of purchase for Warranty Service.
Q: What happens if I use it, but don’t like it?
A: Unfortunately, due to the personal use nature of our products they cannot be returned for a refund once used, but we will be happy to help you familiarize yourself with your new vaporizer to get the best possible experience and troubleshoot any issues.