V-TowerUSD$169.99 USD$99.99
USD$169.99 USD$99.99
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USD$169.99 USD$99.99

North AmericaNorth America
United KingdomUnited Kingdom


Use the Whip System for a direct draw or freshen & set the mood with the Aromatherapy feature.

V-Tower multi Purpose

Efficient & Economical

Designed with efficiency in mind, the V-Tower delivers tasty vapor every time. The Glass Cyclone Bowl allows you to effectively control dosage and get the most of your botanicals.

V-Tower Efficient and Economical

Easy To Use & Easy To Clean

User friendly parts and controls simplify your experience and make cleaning up a breeze.

V-Tower Easy To Use


V-Tower Features
Custom Session Settings

Custom Session Settings

Precise Digital Temperature

Precise Digital Temperature Control

Ceramic Heating Element

Ceramic Heating Element

Super Fast Warm Up

Fast Warm-Up Time

Adjustable Auto Shut-Off Timer

Adjustable Auto Shut-Off Timer

Quality & Performance

V-Tower Quality And Performance
  • Carefully Sourced, High Quality Components
  • Built to Last, Manufactured to ISO Quality Standards
  • Industry Leading Customer Service
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty

What’s Included

1 x V-Tower Multi-Purpose Heater

1 x V-Tower Power Adapter

1 x V-Tower Glass Cyclone Bowl

1 x V-Tower Glass Aromatherapy Dish

1 x Glass Stirring Tool

1 x V-Tower 3′ Whip (Silicone)

1 x Spare V-Tower Flat Screen

1 x Spare V-Tower Dome Screen

1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals

1 x V-Tower Owner’s Manual

V-Tower Whats Included

Customer Reviews

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  • 18th May
    Beats Volcano On Every Count
    I'm a repeat customer. I bought an Extreme Q about 7 years ago. It was actually working fine, I just broke an interior glass part that was really well protected last week. Long story. But it was all my fault. The Extreme Q served me faithfully. Rather than seek repair, after seeing the V-Tower Arizer now sells, and for so cheap, I decided to just get a new one. I miss the remote (unfortunately my Extreme Q's remote does not function with the V-Tower.. nobody said it would, but I had hopes), but the remote really isn't necessary. Up til about 7 years ago I used the German classic machine "Volcano". Anyone who's looking for the next generation will love the V-Tower/Extreme Q. It heats up faster and burns much more efficiently than Volcano. It also lasts longer. I was burning out my Volcano's in about 3-4 years. Bad engine parts inside I guess. No problems whatsoever with 7 years of Extreme Q ownership, and V-Tower appears to be the same thing, sans bags (that I didn't use anyway; the whip is king), the blower (which I'm not sure the modern Extreme Q has anymore anyway, since it doesn't seem to be needed) and the remote.
  • 26th Nov
    Value for the $$
    My favorite desktop to date! Excellent value for the money.
  • 17th Nov
    V-tower rocks!
    I have been vaping my medicine for several years. Save your Money on cheap vapes and buy a V-tower. Very efficient use of your meds! I also have a Solo 2 for on the go. Both are EXCELLENT! Get one today!
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