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Welcome to Arizer! The home of the best dry herb vaporizer! At Arizer we focus on making our product better to serve our customers better. We don’t take the title of best dry herb vaporizer lightly, so we keep innovating and improving our products. Recently we released a new portable dry herb vaporizer called the Air MAX. Air MAX takes everything we’ve learned crafting portable vaporizers over the last 16 years and delivers a knock out portable vaporizer with long lasting use and big clouds. If you’re looking to buy vaporizer online then look no further than the best online vape store: Arizer.

Desktop Vaporisers​


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Desktop vaporizers are the foundation of the dry herb vaporizer industry. They offer big clouds and hours of uninterrupted use. Great for solo sessions and for sharing or party situations, desktops are very diverse. Most desktop vaporizers can be used in a whip style or in a bag style interchangeably, but some offer only the whip option. Make sure you know options are included in your desktop vaporizer.

There is no “best” way to use a desktop vaporizer. Bag or whip. It totally depends on your preference. Desktop vaporizers offer one of the best experiences with dry herb vaporizers; offering diversity of use, quick heat up times and easily shareable configurations.

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Pocket Vaporisers

Pocket Vaporizers

When looking to buy the best dry herb vaporizer you want to buy from the best online vape store. Portable vaporizers revolutionized the industry when they first started coming out. Arizer was one of the first movers on portable dry herb vaporizers with the Solo.

These days you can find all sorts of companies offering different variations of portable dry herb vaporizers. Arizer offers a comprehensive selection with our portable dry herb vaporizer offerings. From our best selling Solo II to the brand new Air MAX Arizer offers portability, simplicity and total custom session settings to make your portable dry herb vaporizer experience the best it can be. Our cutting edge R&D focus on delivering ease of use, big clouds and impactful updates that focus on our customer.

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Solo II

Air SE