XQ2 Accessories

Parts & Accessories

Description: Optimized full-coverage air flow, glass screen, and two chamber sizes. Use the Cloud Chamber with large capacity for quick and potent vapor production, or use the Flavor Chamber with small microdosing capacity for light, smooth, and tasty vapor.

Includes: 1 x Glass Connoisseur Bowl


Description: Heat-Safe Silicone grips protect your Glass Connoisseur Bowls and your fingers.

Includes: 2 x Silicone Tuff BowlGrips

Description: Standard glass bowl with Cyclonic air flow.

Includes: 1 x Glass Cyclone Bowl™ with flat screen and ‘cool touch’ topper


Description: Warm your favorite herbs and flowers to enjoy the pleasing aromas.

Includes: 1 x Glass Aromatherapy Dish