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  • OMGosh ... What just happened?

    OK, I'll admit I was very skeptical at first to say the least. Yea, I'm a ole skewl vet so I was like "What am I supposed to do with this tiny little bowl?" LOL. But it was love at the first hit. The FLAVOR was unlike anything I've ever experienced before and the effects were just as pleasant. I was very impressed at how extremely easy all the Arizer vapes are to maintain and keep clean. This is some awesome technology in a really simple and reliable design. Your contributions to this technology has made me a convert. This has changed my perspective and taught me so much. It opened up my mind to a whole new appreciation for botanicals by forcing me to take note of terp/cannabinoid profiles and vaporization points (entourage effect). With Combustion being so destructive to my body and to the botanical profile itself, combustion is no longer considered as an option for me. I now sport the Solo II and the Air and after trying several alternative brands I believe this is the most efficient method out there for dry herb vaporization. Thanks to all of you at Arizer for developing such a wonderful piece of technology. My Mind Thanks You (I had no idea how efficient and powerful dry vaporization would be) My Body Thanks You (especially my lungs) My Spirit Thanks You (the preservation of the terps and cannabinoids bring me to a whole new level) And most of all My Wallet Thanks you ( No more waste due to combustion. I can literally get lifted twice as much and still see at least 50% savings in herb cost which made for a quick investment return on my Arizer's ). #EntourageEffect Thanks Arizer 🙂

  • got 1 for me, 1 for my wife, 1 for my brother and 1 for my brother in law. 3 friends of mine allso bought it. and everyone that see it want one too. very good product!

    a very good product . perfect size, weight, battery life, and sufficiant aireflow(comparing to other devices). glass gets warm but its ok, not burning your lips. I highly reccomend getting an extra battery for times you sit with friends. exccelent product !

  • Exceptional customer service and great quality products

    Currently own an ArGo and the original Air and I am very pleased with my experiences with Arizer. Ran into an issue recently with the ArGo (which is uncommon, after years of use) and they were VERY timely at getting in touch, as well as resolving the issue. I'm a very satisfied customer and would definitely recommend this brand as well as its products.

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  • Amazing!

    The only thing better than my vape, is the amazing customer service provided! Thank you so much Jessica!

  • After sale service

    Hello Jessica I received my Air 2 by mail today following a warranty replacement. Thank you for your excellent service. Best regards Benjamin

  • Get one! or two

    I bought my first Air four years ago. It still works like the day I got it, but I saw the Air II with the digital readout and thought I deserved an upgrade. Add the BOGO deal with the Air and Air II and I couldn't be happier! The Air II is great and works as advertised. Bonuses for me all around. I got an upgrade and have two back ups that should last a long time. I also have an Extreme Q that I break out for company. It's awesome as well.

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    I was using an MV1 and trying to sustain my initial enthusiasm, but let's cut to the chase: I got the Solo II for way, WAY less money; the battery is fantastic; the mouthpiece with the elbow affords the coolest vapor I've ever had (they should include the bent elbow piece with initial sale); I've never had a vape so easy to clean and maintain. Where as my previous vape required quite a process to clean and re-assemble (including filling all the crucibles), I've found that my favorite way to use the Solo II is to gently pick apart some bud, pack into the mouthpiece, and enjoy. I love not having to grind bud. Finally, I completely trust Arizer: they've established themselves fimly in the vape industry, and we've watched various and other vape makers go bankrupt. I can't say that I've had this level of trust with any other company, and I've had less than ideal experiences with a couple of others. People who think an outstanding vaporizer has to be expensive and complicated, with numerous extra parts that require $$$: RIDICULOUS. I won't be fooled again.

  • Excellent products and customer service

    I have bought several products from Arizer and have been impressed with all of them. Not only are their products impressive, their customer service is second to none. Would 10/10 recommend Arizer

  • Can something so easy be so great?

    YES! YES! YES!

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  • Great unit - battery last about 2 yrs.

    Bought 2 batteries, 4 years ago, with 1 Vaping unit. Each one lasted almost exactly 2 yrs, with almost daily use. Not bad. Very pleased with this vaping unit. Highly recommended for others. Rubber sleeve is good touch. Micro USB-C plug would be nice. SC

  • Best Vape Ever. 3 years running strong and counting

    I have had this vape for 3 years. The only downside is battery. But you can swap those out. I have 4 batteries so I never run out. 2 always charging. One for the vape, one for some more vaping. One charge lasts about 3 total sessions for one person getting lit af Chamber comes out so throwing out vaped herb is super easy. You can used already vaped bud for burning later or for making butter after Beautiful engineering. Solid build. My friends have tried all options all vapes. Arizer Air has always proved itself better than all of my buddies' vapes. It is honestly the best. I quit blazing for a year in between. Threw out everything but I couldn't get myself to throw out this vape because its so good.

  • Great vape!

    Had mine for going on three years still works great!

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  • Had this for almost 10 years

    I have had this unit for almost 10 years now. I didn't use it for about 5 through the time but it is still working and back on my desk now and so happy with it still!!

  • Best in the market

    Ive bien using my arizer for almost 10 years now, its amazing ,100% recomiendes!

  • Used almost every day for 4+ years. Works amazing and reliable!

    Works amazing, totally reliable and is an amazing vaporizer. I use the balloon method and find it much healthier for my lungs than other vape products. When you think of the cost and how long it lasts this should be a no-brainier decision for anyone. So, if you are on the fence, get off of it and buy now!

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  • Value for the $$

    My favorite desktop to date! Excellent value for the money.

  • V-tower rocks!

    I have been vaping my medicine for several years. Save your Money on cheap vapes and buy a V-tower. Very efficient use of your meds! I also have a Solo 2 for on the go. Both are EXCELLENT! Get one today!

  • Easy to use, effective, clean

    Took a chance and ponied up the a bunch of online reviews and the v-tower seemed pretty well liked. The glass parts feel solid in hand.. The directions via you tube easy to understand- very user friendly. Big enough to have a strong heating mechanism-small enough to take little surface area. Easy to load, draw, fast to heat up. Glass makes superclean essences of flavor. The whip length makes any heat nearly undetectable (at least by my standards). No drawbacks on this (that i have experienced) other than perhaps two (one of which is probably unavoidable at this point in technologies progression): 1. Glass whip is tacky to the touch, so it picks up lint guess is due to using a high grade silicone, so a luxury problem. 2. The vent is underneath the mechanism with what seems very little protection from whatever surface its placed on. For me, an easy solve was to use a ceramic salad plate..just as an additional safety measure for heat, but also a way to prevent any surface dust entering into the vent. Of course, the four grippy rubber feet it rests on lift the whole thing up nicely to begin with, so the plate is just a cleaner experience (for me). Other then those 2 things, ide give it 6 stars if i could. Cant afford it? Save cheaper short term can't afford NOT to.. Yes. Its really that good.

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  • Best, most reliable portable vapourizer available

    I have had my Solo for about 7 years now, It is used daily and still going strong after two battery replacements (a very simple job.) I have a second, newer 'backup' Solo which is almost as good, but the vapour quality from my 'Old Faithful' is just a tad better. I have no idea why, just one of those individual quirks, I guess. The only minor problem I have with it is that the base-plate tends to chip away at the corners, to the eventual point that the screws no longer hold the controller module in place (this is after several years of daily use.) Reluctant to replace my old Solo when this happened a few weeks ago, which is otherwise working fine, I printed a shell case to hold everything together on my 3D printer. I am hoping to get a few more. I see that the new Argo has a USB charger. That is so much more convenient than the dedicated charger of the Solo and Solo II, only one charger and cable for all devices, but that's a minor quibble.

  • Reliable, long-lasting, and would buy again!

    We have used the one we have for 5-6 years with considerable/high use and only now is the battery losing charge (currently getting half the uses from it on a charge). The only wear on the body after all these years is where we have gripped and carried it for hours straight in our hands and sweat, heat, and friction have discolored and rubbed away the outer layers. The mouthpiece is the only part that needs any real cleaning attention, and we have enjoyed the simplicity, durability, and reliability of this device. I would have happily ordered the same model again, but my SO suggested we upgrade to the Solo ll for the more technical temperature control and extra hour of use per charge. Our old 1st generation Solo friend STILL won't be leaving us though, because even though it will soon be limited to use while plugged it, it will still be usable! Judging from reviews and the quality of this product, we anticipate enjoying the next generation just as much. We've tried several others over the years, but this one has been a reliable constant daily, and if not for my SO's insistence towards the Solo ll, I would have personally repurchased this model. It's becoming more and more difficult to find products that last for years, and we have been impressed by this simple and sturdy device's longevity.

  • Just buy it

    I hummed and hawwed and wasted $100's on crappy cheap shit. This vape is freakin wicked.