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  • First timer

    Being new to this, its faster n stronger. I am really enjoying it and I will try others out from this site and I’ll let u all know how it goes (peace ✌️)

    By petersmabey (27 Aug 2018 02:29 am)

  • WOW !!

    en français: Je viens de recevoir mon ARGO et je suis très surpris du changement. Je ne tousse plus du tout comparé à fumait. Simple à utilise et une économie assurer. Tout le monde devrait avoir un ARGO. English: I just received my ARGO and I am very surprised at the change. I do not cough at all compared to smoking. Simple to use and save money. Everyone should have an ARGO.

    By Luco (04 Aug 2018 02:02 am)

  • Durable and super-efficient!

    After a month’s use with the ArGo I am REALLY impressed. Not only does the ArGo performance live up to the many glowing reviews, I found it is so much more. I have already dropped the ArGo about five times onto hard floors and I have dragged it around outdoors at the cottage for weeks. The verdict? Extremely tough and almost impossible to hurt. 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

    By Rob Ashley (24 Jul 2018 05:19 pm)

  • The. best. vape. ever.

    The only vape I now use. Pure vapor, discreet and portable, well built. A real every day carry.

    By Scott Billingworth ( 2018-07-22 , 12:34 )

  • Love it!

    Great vape! Easy to use and easy to get the hang of packing it.

    By Rueben (29 Jun 2018 12:05 am)

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  • Very good product

    I had very good experience with the customer service.

    By Sébastien Guilbert-Léveillé ( 2018-09-19 , 18:18 )

  • The Best Product & the Best Company

    I depend on my Air II so much I bought a spare in case I ever lost it. I also bought spare batteries for each because of so many battery problems with a vaporizer from another company but after a year of very hard use Im still using the original battery and it performs great. The excellent design and function are perfect and work flawlessly every time. It's not an exaggeration to say its a game-changer that improved my life. (And my wife loves the fact I don't smoke anymore as a result. BONUS!) The Arizer people are excellent to deal with, very professional and sincerely concerned for their customer's welfare and satisfaction.

    By Uncle Micky (11 Sep 2018 11:21 pm)

  • Arizer is Great

    A Great company is the one who has great customer service, and that is the case with Arizer ! They have a great product, but they dont rest only on that uniqueness line rather they think with their heart and did help me out, by taking care of a broken product, elegantly, smartly and efficiently, way above guarantee frame, with pure good will! Well done for this Amazing service, I am impressed! Also, I can add that people who are looking for purity and to get the best out of the vaporizer world, will know to appreciate their products. I have tried it once and since that, I understand the difference and quality which are rare and supreme over the market. Five big Stars for Arizer and Additional Bonus Star for their Big Heart !! Oren.M

    By oren.m (11 Sep 2018 04:56 pm)

  • Love this vape

    I review products like this and the Air II is my daily driver. The company as a whole is outstanding, I had an issue they took care of in a few days free of charge. All around one of the best products and company in the market!

    By Robert Cain (09 Aug 2018 01:55 pm)

  • Best Portable Vaporizer

    I originally purchased the Arizer Air after doing extensive product research. I read through various reviews, reddit opinions, forums, etc to come to the conclusion that it was the best purchase for it's price point. However, it lacked 1 single thing that I really wanted (but probably didn't need)..precise temperature control. Recently I upgraded to the Air II and I am impressed. The airflow is significantly better than the previous model, you can set temperature precisely, the chamber heats up significantly faster and the battery life is better too! Another nice thing about Arizer products is that you can generally remove the battery and replace it instead of having to get the unit itself replaced when the battery starts to age. If you're debating upgrading from your Arizer Air, I found the Air II is well worth it. If you're looking for a portable vaporize consider the Air II.

    By (06 Aug 2018 06:12 pm)

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  • Great vape

    Had my solo 2 for about 6 months and let me tell you this vape is constant and very reliable. Best vape on the absolutely amazed. By the flavor this thing puts out .definitely recommend to a friend.all I go t ok say is buy one and you'll be very happy.

    By Jon heckrote ( 2018-09-15 , 15:14 )

  • Love this product!

    The Solo II is a spectacular vape that allowed me to switch to vaping completely. Great features in a quality product, backed by a Canadian company with outstanding customer service. Lots of ability to personalize your settings and usage and is an absolute workhorse. A warranty issue was sorted smoothly and quickly - Arizer stands behind their excellent product. Love it.

    By Heather S ( 2018-08-24 , 17:20 )

  • Solo II - very good product

    The Solo II is extremely efficient at using a very little bit of material. We tried a lot of different products the majority of them are garbage and do not work well at all. The Solo II heats up super fast, battery lasts a long time, definitely a powerhouse and a great portable unit. Probably one of the best portable units on the market.

    By Kelli (18 Aug 2018 12:02 pm)

  • Phenomenal Customer Service

    It's a great product , I had a minor problem with my unit. I call them up and they took Great care of me. Best customer Service Ever!

    By LEO DIAZ (05 Aug 2018 10:32 pm)

  • Solo ll - My First Vaporizer

    Wow is all I can say! Great solid feel and excellent quality. The Solo ll produces awesome flavor and good clouds at a range of temperatures. Fantastic!

    By Mike Rizun ( 2018-07-31 , 10:02 )

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  • This thing is awesome!

    I am just gonna cut to the chase... I am a daily user. I picked this thing up when I switched from combustion to a permanent vaper. I have used this thing daily for months, multiple times daily for months. I have dropped it in my tub while bathing. It did not care. It just keeps working. Dried it off, ran a max heat cycle to evaporate any remaining water, and it's like it never happened. 100% recommend. Make the switch to this and you will never go back to smoking. The taste quality this thing produces is phenomenal. I did not think I could enjoy any more than I already did, but this takes it to a whole new level.

    By Steve Dufour (16 Sep 2018 04:02 am)

  • Great Product

    My first Air had an issue, Arizer replaced it immediately, I had a new unit in two days. Excellent service, and a great product.

    By Christopher Wilson ( 2018-08-31 , 21:08 )

  • Excellent product and and even better customer service!

    I purchased the Arizer Air unit last year and have been very satisfied with its performance, ease of use, fast and easy to clean. Originally what drew me in to buying the product was that its made by a Canadian company. I experienced a small issue of the unit not charging and was pleasantly surprised with the customer service I received with the repair. Chucked it in the mail and got a brand new unit a week later with 2 new glass mouth pieces! Overall, the unit is great and the customer service I experienced was even better. Definitely sticking with the Arizer brand and looking forward to trying the new products!

    By Shane Cormier (20 Aug 2018 02:39 pm)

  • Sweet!!

    Sooooo awesome!!

    By Slug ( 2018-07-24 , 06:45 )

  • Loving it

    I was a smoker for over 30 years. Now I vape only with my Arizer air and loving it! I wish I vaped all along. Great product, great team too help out, so get yourself an Arizer Air and join the fun!

    By Joe Vanhoecke (20 Jul 2018 03:43 pm)

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    I have had this unit for over 5 years. The battery is still great. I use it on a daily basis. I have dropped it, kicked it, and abused the crap out of it. The only damage has been to the plastic cover at the bottom and even then it is only a few chips. Only reason I haven't bought a Solo II yet is because this thing refuses to die. The ONLY complaint I have is the placement of the charging port. If you are going to get this unit over the Solo II, I recommend getting the Solo Charging Dock!!

    By Kellan (30 Aug 2018 05:24 pm)

  • Amazing

    Amazing people at Arizer...had some battery problem...mailed it to them and got it back in 2 days...totally fixed! thanks guys product is great!

    By dmuir (11 Aug 2018 11:48 am)

  • My favorite

    This is my favorite vape. And I've tried them all. It's simple, easy to use and gives you everything your medium has to offer. It's the vape I always go back to.

    By ThaDawg13 ( 2018-07-23 , 06:24 )

  • Solid vaporizer

    I used this vaporizer for over a year without anything but great results. Great all around, good temp control, good battery and good charging. For various reasons I set the whole thing aside for a couple of years. Last month I got back to it, pulled out my Solo and was amazed that it was charged and working right out of the drawer. I put it on the charger, and it took all of 10 minutes to top it off to a full charge. Versatile and well-made piece of gear.

    By Fernand Raynaud (29 May 2018 05:27 am)

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  • 6 years strong

    I have had my Extreme Q for 6 years now, I use it daily and it stick works like a charm. I bought it to replace the original v tower., which I had for 4 years but dropped and broke, Arizer products are built to last!

    By Scott Moore ( 2018-09-16 , 14:21 )

  • Amazing in PA

    This product is perfect, well made, and shipped perfectly (time and with care). You can tell that they truly care about the experience of using it. I don’t know how I got anything out of my herbs without this! Great customer care team and a wonderful company to buy from. 10 out of 10 on this perfect example of function and price point coming together to make an amazing machine.

    By Mike Flood (14 Sep 2018 08:35 pm)

  • 2 Years at two hours a day...

    I can't believe this is still running! I use my Extreme every day and I would estimate it runs for about 2 hours....every single day! I broke a mouthpiece and I've broken a bowl, both through accidental dropping on my part. That said, I wouldn't give up the glass airways for a second. The vapour is clean as the day I bought it if I keep it clean. Replacement parts are very reasonable. I've tried the majority of the other big names out there and the Extreme Q can't be beat by any of them in my opinion.

    By Dan Kingston ( 2018-09-11 , 14:08 )

  • Quality, economy and class combined

    Purchased the Extreme Q four years ago (2014) and have been very very pleased with it. Has been in use daily, with average of 4 sessions a day. I like having the choice to use either the whip system or the bag system with fan; I found I prefer the bag with fan system for its portability . Also very easy clean, just drop glass pieces into alcohol, shake and wa-la; and same for machine itself - just blow out, and easy bag replacement (elastic band fights always part of the fun). HUGE difference in taste of herb between vaping with this vs smoking - can really enjoy the flavours. In four years, I never experienced any glass breaking - I have oodles of glass whip mouth pieces as come with any replacement bags purchased. I very much appreciate the ability to fine tune the temperature, as each herb responds differently with different temps. Same with the fan, as my testing has definitely confirmed that different fan speed also affects flavour and effect. My 4 year old Extreme Q just started having issues (fan intermittently won't come on), which I am not complaining about after close to 6000 sessions (works about to have cost me approx 3cents a session)! And Arizer service has been really great with helping me troubleshoot and coming up with options. I have decided to go with purchasing the latest Extreme Q - if I get 4 years out of the new, I will continue to be impressed with the workmanship of this device. Thanks again Arizer for making a great product - and thank you for your amazing support

    By Joyce Cardinal (10 Sep 2018 08:19 pm)

  • Amazing device

    Bought this a couple years ago and it still works perfectly. Still my favorite piece to use to date. Use other vapes and this still has given me the best experience.

    By Michael Achille ( 2018-09-02 , 21:49 )

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  • the good stuff

    Been using this for a good few years now. So very happy with my choice. Would certainly recommend. Cheering from Australia.

    By mark ( 2018-09-15 , 04:27 )

  • Magnífico

    Cumple las expectativas de calidad y servicio

    By Javier Ar ( 2018-08-21 , 16:11 )

  • My Doctor recommended it.

    My Doctor said Vaping is much safer than combustible ingestion. We took his advice and are really happy with the decision. Wife and I can now enjoy our medicine without the more harmful side effects of smoke. We got the V-Tower model and the price was right. Took a little experimentation but we eventually found a good combination of grind size and temperature. Love it!

    By Bill Michel (31 Jul 2018 06:28 pm)

  • Excellent as expected

    I love this vape! The quality is the best. I have had several and this one blows them out of the water. It does pay for itself as advertised - I use less product. The accessories are very well priced and the shipping is great. This is a Canadian company to be proud of. Go Canada!

    By alanathomson (15 Jun 2018 01:56 pm)

  • The Arizer V-Tower is well worth the purchase.

    A classic, after all these years still the perfect hit. The same effect every time you draw. If you decide to get one, Enjoy! ✌

    By Aurora Borealis (02 Jun 2018 12:42 am)

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  • Outstanding!

    Excellent quality and beautiful to boot!

    By nkbissonette ( 2018-09-12 , 22:39 )

  • Best EVER!

    I have 5 Arizer products. Solo, NLE, Air, Extreme Q & ArGo. All of them work non stop since I've had them with just 1 with an LED problem which was corrected within 1 week of notification. The quality is amazingly high. Have been referring people to this company for 4 years with no regrets. Keep up the good work. I will be back. P.S. The new ArGo is perfectly portable for on the go needs. Lasts more than six uses per charge!

    By Jesse (02 Sep 2018 03:14 pm)

  • Same as Solo II vapor quality

    I bought the NLE , its the best (price & quality). The battery is good too. Very happy, no regrets!!

    By Martin blais (13 Jul 2018 07:46 am)