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  • argo

    What a great little vape this is. So easily portable and very discreet,add in the superior design and construction,this unit is a dream.

    By harry schwab ( 2019-02-13 , 16:52 )

  • Wow

    The quality of the ARGO is incredible. I have this one, the Air II and the V Tower. All are very good , the best out there. The taste is wonderful, so good ....Arizer is a wonderful company, please dont change your quality.

    By aubut01 (11-01-2019 01:28 am)

  • Better By Design

    Arizer - Better by Design... I purchased an Argo yesterday replacing my three year old dying Air due to many drops and could not be happier. The argo is a discreet portable vape that I can fit into my pocket during my daily commute. the Air, while build like a tank was not as portable but definitely a great device. Being somewhat unsure about purchasing an Argo I have read and watched many positive reviews and decided to go for it. You make a totally well designed product and I cannot wait to receive my t- shirt from you! I will wear it proudly. Respect. Support and buy Canadian products when possible. Thank you Arizer.

    By w.green64 (28 Dec 2018 05:12 pm)

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  • Best portable vape on the market today

    The Arizer Air II is, without doubt, the best portable vaporizer available on the market today. Sleek design, solid materials and quality manufacturing result in a vaporizer that’s both effective and easy-to-use. Best of all, Arizer is not a fly-by-night company (but they will change your life). If you happen to break a part, you can get a replacement. They still sell parts for vapes they made over a decade ago. Vapor quality is about as good as it gets for a portable vape. There’s a study out of Europe that proves the Arizer Solo is superior to its competitors: The Air II is an even better and more advanced vape than the Solo. The innovative yet simple design is the reason why Arizer vapes are both efficient and effective. The glass stem is also the bowl. There’s no convoluted vapor pathway. This ensures efficient use of material, thick vapor and makes the device easy to clean. Arizer designs & engineers their vapes in Canada and backs them with an amazing warranty and the best support in the business. You can’t go wrong with the Air II. I’ve had it for over a year and it still works well. I’m still using the original battery and the capacity is like new. My last Arizer vape, the original Extreme, lasted 11 years. I could have fixed the heater, but it served me well. It got a lot of use. I live in the SF Bay Area, so, um, yeah, a lot of use. I could probably be an honorary Doobie Brother. Point is, their vapes are well made and last a long time.

    By C B (19-02-2019 01:44 am)

  • Amazing device

    Bought my first Air1 in March 2015 because I stopped smoking (changed to vaping) and had to find an alternative for my favorite herbs. Since that day the Air1 **workhorse** heated up for 5 to 15 sessions (each 10 minutes) per day, every single day! Never used it with the wall charger and never charged the batteries in the device - but I guess it won`t make a big difference. Just more convenient to use an external charger as my ecigarettes use the 18650 as well. Exchangeable battery - a must have! Now a few days ago I got my new Arizer2. Arizer1 still works like a charm but I was 1) curious 2) I like back ups 3) nice price. And yes, it has some improvements, for me the main one is the much better air flow. Display and better temperature control are nice to have but don`t justify to get the v2 if you have the v1 already. I won`t give away the v1 neither the v2 🙂 Bottom line --> the best quality device I've got in my shelf! Really love them both. Cheers

    By Damo Karoli ( 2019-02-13 , 13:27 )

  • Best vape. Best company.

    Incredibly satisfied beyond measure on the performance and easy maintenance of this fantastic machine. It saves me energy In all forms, time (I always know what I’m using) money (doesn’et use a lot of herb nor do you need much) and it is incredibly smooth and the taste is always exceptional. The team at Arizer are the best at what they do and with good reason. The engineers combine simplicity with reliability and deliver a product of remarkable performance. The customer service (especially Andrew, whom I have dealt with on a few occasions) is equally fantastic and always on top of questions and concerns. As always Arizer, thank you and do ‘t Stop being great! Brandon

    By Brandon andovic ( 2019-02-12 , 00:47 )

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  • best vaporizer

    Perfect. No complaints. Amazing every single time.

    By graham ( 2019-02-19 , 00:34 )

  • Amazing Device with Room for Future Improvement

    I have owned both the Solo and Solo II and love the digital display. Arizer sells quality engineered no frill devices that simply work. That being said, I would love to customize duration and temperature hikes during a session, or a timer counting up or down the session time left on the home screen. Think big with the Solo III!

    By Joe Blow (28-01-2019 10:15 pm)


    Sweet clouds, easy to clean, strong battery, excellent sensation, AMAZING customer service*****. With SOLO II i stop to smoke cigarettes and i will buy second unit air this time . THANK YOU ARIZER for your quality products.

    By Ioannis (25-01-2019 03:28 pm)

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  • Good Stuff

    Had this for about a year, still performs like a champ. Very well built. You can tell they are proud of their product with everything included in the purchase. The Air just does what it's supposed to. Very easy to clean, and 9/10 times you only need to clean the glass mouthpiece where the herb goes. stays clean and puts out decent vapor. Gives me exactly what smoke did, with the added bonus of using way less, being discrete, and saving my lungs. i would probably rate this a solid 9/10, especially at this price point

    By Nick S ( 2019-01-12 , 01:08 )

  • The best mid tier handheld vape

    I've owned the Arizer Air for 2 years and it has been 100% reliable and capable of producing thick vapour on demand

    By E allan ( 2019-01-05 , 19:40 )

  • Super

    J’ai acheter début j’étais pas sur mais après une journée..j’ai adorer et depuis Je vaporise seulement, vraiment plus santé et consomme au moin 1/3 de moin Très bon produits, haute qualité....

    By Narbonne Sylviain ( 2018-10-20 , 01:58 )

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  • solo

    I've been using the arizer solo for a few years as well as another brand.The arizer is much smoother and easier to use and cleaning the tube is a breeze. Over all it is a superior product and well worth the money.

    By harry schwab ( 2019-02-13 , 16:42 )

  • Awesome Product and Even Better Customer Service

    Just an outstanding product (Arizer Solo) with great build quality and nice, smooth vapour. An even better experience dealing with customer service. My order was missing extra glass tubes I ordered but when I brought the mistake to their attention, they immediately shipped replacements. Props to Andrew for great customer service! Would definitely purchase from this company again!!!

    By Nick M (30-01-2019 01:58 am)

  • I should buy another

    So my Solo has been running strong since 2014, and at the risk of sounding like I'm bragging, I'm not kidding when I say my Solo gets used a lot!!! While the battery isn't what it used to be, easily replaced, I'm okay with it because I now only use this device around the house because my ArGo has taken the place of my portable and my Extreme-Q is for sit downs. Any way all that to say that the Solo is a beast!! While not as small as some other vaporizers in the space it is probably the best vaporizer, stay with me here... on top of the Arizer vaporizers I own I also have a digital volcano, I'd put in my Solo in the ring with it any day of the week!! I find the quality of vapor between those two are very comparable, while the Solo is 1/6 the price, doesn't require balloons, super easy to clean, and well its a "portable" unit, just saying...

    By Kent C ( 2019-01-15 , 21:14 )

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  • Love it!!

    I love my extreme Q. Great price and the machine works amazing! I've had mine for about 2 years. The company is quick to get out more parts/bags/aromatic herbs. I recommend this vape to all my friends!

    By Nanette C Steward (15-02-2019 10:45 pm)

  • Amazing Experience!

    I was in for a surprise & I knew it. As soon as it arrived, I was super excited. I waited soo long for this! When I unpacked the box & set it all up, it looked very cool & i loved the lights on it. The build quality is solid. First, I tried the sample herbs that were sent with it, lavender. The room smelled so good after just about 10 minutes, i felt calm. Then I loaded up my medicine & put it on 220 c to test it out compared to a portable vaporizer & I accidentally inhaled the medicine so I made sure the ring was at the end of the pipe & started vaping. Trust me, after this experience, I am never going back to smoking. Combustion is old news. This device has done a wonderful & effective job. I am so happy that I finally decided to purchase the Extreme Q. I was so unsure about buying it. This is well worth the investment. Thanks Arizer for such a product.

    By m.isa27 ( 2019-02-15 , 15:22 )

  • outstanding customer service

    My Extreme Q stopped working, I contacted customer service and described the problem to Andrew who diagnosed the problem as the power supply. He sent one to me immediately that solved the problem. You cannot get better than that.

    By Mac McCrary (12-02-2019 11:25 pm)

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  • Quality

    This machine is wonderful, solid and beautiful. The flavor is 100% good. Did a 10 minutes whit the bowl at 3/4 full. Believe me it works, after 10 minutes wow.....Will try micro dosing whit it 🙂

    By aubut01 (13-01-2019 03:07 am)

  • Best Vap Ever

    Bought the v-tower last week. It took me a day or so to get the hang of how much air to draw and how quickly, etc. Slight learning curve. But once you get it, the unit is BY FAR the best desktop vap at that price point. No contest. The whip has a glass elbow connector piece on one end and a glass mouthpiece on the other. The whip is made of surgical tubing. Just as promised by Arizer. There was not even the slightest trace of any plastic or anything else for that matter. Just a very high quality vapor. My father has a volcano, so I do have a solid reference point for what a quality vap is. And for this price point, it is right up there with the volcano. Which is unbelievable. I micro dose. Which means I spent a lot of time trying to find the right unit. Really glad I went with this. Despite what youtube vids say, that you need to load at least 1/3 of the herbal chamber. I have been using a tiny pinch of herb. With the same material I can usually do 2-3 sessions at 2 solid pulls per session. Amazing usage and economical as you would be using less herb to get more. This is my 1st vaporizer. But going from combustion to vaping, I can confirm that the effect is even stronger from the vap. I tried smoking today, and felt sick. The 10 days where I have only vaped, my body seems to have cleaned up and I could really taste the combustive content as it is. When you smoke regularly your body get acclimated to those toxins. Try taking a long break from smoking. Then try smoking after having used this vap or any other. Then you will see how foul combustion is. Another easy way to draw comparison, is to just smell the herbal chamber after you empty it. It smells clean and sweet. A very pleasant healthy odor is emitted from the vaped material. And this scent stays with the herbal chamber. Now go ahead and have a wiff of your ashtray. It smells terrible. Which is exactly what most people wind up putting into their system until something moves them towards vaping. And this is what the v-tower is. A quality vap at an amazing price. Also, to be clear, I saw many reviews on youtube. And some said you cannot get amazing vapor or thick clouds. Believe me, by the 2nd-3rd day I was pulling monster rips. I took one massive hit, and so much vapor was produced I wish I caught it on camera. This unit is literally the best vap out there at this price. I can finally retire combustion for good. Customer service was excellent. I had a small issue with the aroma therapy chamber. Made contact with a solid rep who sent out a replacement right away. Very impressed with the unit and the manufacturing standard. Based in Canada. Cant say enough good things about it. I hope Arizer will keep up the amazing work and not cheap out on parts as some of the foreign companies tend to do. At the moment Arizer is adhering to a very high standard and it shows in the unit and vapor. Hope this helps others to make a decision. As it can get very confusing when searching for a vaporizer.

    By John T. (10-01-2019 02:09 pm)

  • A class investment

    After reading all of the five star reviews I figured I had to try this thing out for myself . Every review that you read is absolutely true! The device is simple, easy to use in a highly reliable . Heats bowl quickly and efficiently. 10/10 stars

    By Drew JG ( 2018-12-02 , 16:23 )

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  • Great looking special edition unit

    This is awesome, fast shipping, excellent built quality, fast heating time. I believe it has upgraded internal components (not only extra accessories) over the original SOLO but never tried the original so can't comment about it... can't go wrong highly suggest you wont be disappointed.

    By iweedqc ( 2019-02-09 , 00:30 )

  • Outstanding!

    Excellent quality and beautiful to boot!

    By nkbissonette ( 2018-09-12 , 22:39 )

  • Best EVER!

    I have 5 Arizer products. Solo, NLE, Air, Extreme Q & ArGo. All of them work non stop since I've had them with just 1 with an LED problem which was corrected within 1 week of notification. The quality is amazingly high. Have been referring people to this company for 4 years with no regrets. Keep up the good work. I will be back. P.S. The new ArGo is perfectly portable for on the go needs. Lasts more than six uses per charge!

    By Jesse (02 Sep 2018 03:14 pm)