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  • The Argo is amazing!

    I have purchased the Air, Air 2 and now the Argo from Arizer, over the past 3 years. With each purchase I was extremely impressed with the quality and function of the products. I had originally thought that it would be difficult to beat the performance and style of the Air 2, however I was most pleasantly surprised! The Argo is compact, easy to use and in my opinion even outperforms the Air 2 model (which by the way is also an excellent model as well)! I have also had occasion to see other products from competitors which I can only call as plastic and "toy like". Yes the Arizer products maybe more expensive than other products on the market, but as with most things in life you only get what you pay for! The icing on the cake is the top notch customer service from Arizer, and they truly stand behind their products! You will not be disappointed!

    By Steve M. ( 2018-11-13 , 17:07 )

  • Changed my life

    Helped me quit smoking completely Easily changed my daily habits for the better. Great product one of the best 200$ I have ever spent great flavour at all stages (even when material is roasted) great design simple and effective-VERY cost effective compared to smoking. In my case it paid for itself in less than a month. Customer service is very responsive. Positively surprised. I never write reviews, but for this product i shall. A big THANK YOU Arizer

    By William ( 2018-10-02 , 14:34 )

  • Great vape in a small package!

    The ArGo is a vape that produces nice, smooth, and tasty vapor.

    By amine ( 2018-09-26 , 12:05 )

  • First timer

    Being new to this, its faster n stronger. I am really enjoying it and I will try others out from this site and I’ll let u all know how it goes

    By petersmabey ( 2018-08-27 , 02:29 )

  • WOW !!

    en français: Je viens de recevoir mon ARGO et je suis très surpris du changement. Je ne tousse plus du tout comparé à fumait. Simple à utilise et une économie assurer. Tout le monde devrait avoir un ARGO. English: I just received my ARGO and I am very surprised at the change. I do not cough at all compared to smoking. Simple to use and save money. Everyone should have an ARGO.

    By Luco ( 2018-08-04 , 02:02 )

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  • Great products, Great company!

    If any of you are like me, I quite often take customer reviews on a company site with a "grain of salt" especially if you see so many over the top reviews! I can honestly say that I have been a customer of Arizer products for about 3 years. I can only say that this review is the same as many others here. This company has excellent products and above all they stand behind their products and quite obviously they pride themselves on top notch customer service! I have purchased the Air, Air 2 and also the Argo models from this company. All have functioned exactly as advertised. They are solid, well thought out, well functioning products. Compared to other models from competitors that I can only call plastic and "toy like" in their construction and feel. Yes the Arizer products may cost more than other competitors however as in most things in life, you get what you pay for! I have already recommended their products to others, and I will continue to do so! Congratulations Arizer on a job well done, and a customer service that is second to none!

    By Steve M. ( 2018-11-13 , 17:18 )

  • Great Service

    I have dealt with Arizer customer service on a couple of occasions. I have received great care each time. They have gone above and beyond to exceed my expectations. I am happy and confident as a repeat Arizer customer.

    By shumilady ( 2018-10-16 , 22:48 )

  • Very good product

    I had very good experience with the customer service.

    By Sébastien Guilbert-Léveillé ( 2018-09-19 , 18:18 )

  • The Best Product & the Best Company

    I depend on my Air II so much I bought a spare in case I ever lost it. I also bought spare batteries for each because of so many battery problems with a vaporizer from another company but after a year of very hard use Im still using the original battery and it performs great. The excellent design and function are perfect and work flawlessly every time. It's not an exaggeration to say its a game-changer that improved my life. (And my wife loves the fact I don't smoke anymore as a result. BONUS!) The Arizer people are excellent to deal with, very professional and sincerely concerned for their customer's welfare and satisfaction.

    By Uncle Micky (11 Sep 2018 11:21 pm)

  • Arizer is Great

    A Great company is the one who has great customer service, and that is the case with Arizer ! They have a great product, but they dont rest only on that uniqueness line rather they think with their heart and did help me out, by taking care of a broken product, elegantly, smartly and efficiently, way above guarantee frame, with pure good will! Well done for this Amazing service, I am impressed! Also, I can add that people who are looking for purity and to get the best out of the vaporizer world, will know to appreciate their products. I have tried it once and since that, I understand the difference and quality which are rare and supreme over the market. Five big Stars for Arizer and Additional Bonus Star for their Big Heart !! Oren.M

    By oren.m (11 Sep 2018 04:56 pm)

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  • High Quality

    I been using my arizer Solo II now for a year now and absolutely love it . I have tried many different vapes and the arizer has made the best 1 on the market. Easy to use ! Easy to clean ! Great battery life ! And superb vapor flavor! My next purchase will be the Extreme Q . Thank's Arizer for making superior products!

    By Mark Edward Tomlinson (12 Nov 2018 01:17 pm)

  • Arizer Solo II

    Recently purchased a Solo II as an upgrade from the APX Pulsar and I gotta say I'm pretty satisfied. Very good quality and look, vapor quality is tasty, and it's significantly easier to clean and manage making setting up a session very easy. Customer service is also extremely fast at replying and offers nice service. Would recommend to anyone looking to get floored at home, or on the go.

    By dillynva ( 2018-10-21 , 21:55 )

  • Excellent product - excellent service!

    I have slowly acquired 5+ vapes for portable and home use and I conclude the Solo II comes out on top. After a hardware "error" appeared their customer service was excellent - a few questions and a replacement was received within 10 days. Outstanding!

    By Dward Farquard ( 2018-10-21 , 16:24 )

  • Love it!!!

    I own a desktop vaporizer (Plenty) and a portable vaporizer (Vapium Summit). I had been considering upgrading my portable vape for a while, and narrowed my choice to the Storz-Bickel Mighty. However, when I talked to a few different sales reps from different distributors, I decided to give the Solo II a try. Wow!!! When I used it for the first time, I was blown away. The ease of operating this vape is welcoming. The flavor and vape production are second to none, and the effect sent me to the stars! At this price, anyone considering this vape will not be disappointed. This is now a welcome addition to my vape collection, and for the past week has been the only vape I've been using. Great job, ARIZER!

    By Anonymous ( 2018-10-20 , 18:30 )

  • Solo 2 is a spot on work horse of a vape.

    I'm just writing a quick note to tell you guys rock. I've been through the different types of vaporizers and Arizer is #1 by far. My go to vape for everything. LOL. Canada should be proud of you! This thing is so easy to use, and clean, and spot on temperatures. Long battery life. WTF is there not to like, quick heat up times, mere seconds! Did I tell you how much I love my Arizer Solo 2? I like to start around 365 and then 385. But no problems cranking it max and using the water-pipe on it. Huge clouds and no char, no caca taste from overcooked herb! Nothing but clouds...LOL I love you guys!

    By Bulllee Nunya (11 Oct 2018 07:09 pm)

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  • Super

    J’ai acheter début j’étais pas sur mais après une journée..j’ai adorer et depuis Je vaporise seulement, vraiment plus santé et consomme au moin 1/3 de moin Très bon produits, haute qualité....

    By Narbonne Sylviain ( 2018-10-20 , 01:58 )

  • The Air is Awesome!!

    Great company, and a very professional customer service team. I have the Arizer Air and let me tell you It works amazing for when your out on the go! and a top quality product vapes like a champ. I also got some extra batteries and charger, so when I vape with my friends we get good sessions!

    By Ben W. ( 2018-10-11 , 15:17 )

  • Light, Fast, and Effective...

    I switched from combustion to the Air 3 years ago, and I couldn't be happier. I run Ultramarathons and do other silly human powered outdoor adventures, the Air goes everywhere I do (except flying to other countries..). It has been bombproof. It has reduced my herbal consumption to 1/4th of what it was 3 yrs ago. It payed for itself in 3 months. I use it multiple times/day especially during training. I no longer cough after intense training and racing efforts, my lungs have never felt better. I have won races, I have run 50 km of trails under 4hrs, I have been competing for over 20 years in cycling and running, just for a little background. Forest fires are also becoming a major issue, the Air will never cause a fire, safety first!! I could go on and on about how great the Air has been, what a great customer service, but you get the gist...get one, you won't regret it.

    By Zephyr Tookacookie ( 2018-09-18 , 03:13 )

  • This thing is awesome!

    I am just gonna cut to the chase... I am a daily user. I picked this thing up when I switched from combustion to a permanent vaper. I have used this thing daily for months, multiple times daily for months. I have dropped it in my tub while bathing. It did not care. It just keeps working. Dried it off, ran a max heat cycle to evaporate any remaining water, and it's like it never happened. 100% recommend. Make the switch to this and you will never go back to smoking. The taste quality this thing produces is phenomenal. I did not think I could enjoy any more than I already did, but this takes it to a whole new level.

    By Steve Dufour (16 Sep 2018 04:02 am)

  • Great Product

    My first Air had an issue, Arizer replaced it immediately, I had a new unit in two days. Excellent service, and a great product.

    By Christopher Wilson ( 2018-08-31 , 21:08 )

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  • Solo Review

    Great company, quality products, and very professional customer service team. I have several of Arizer's products and let me tell you they all work amazing and they are very durable products with a price point that is very affordable for a top quality product. The Solo is a Beast, great vapor quality, very durable!

    By Ben W. (11 Oct 2018 03:12 pm)


    I have had this unit for over 5 years. The battery is still great. I use it on a daily basis. I have dropped it, kicked it, and abused the crap out of it. The only damage has been to the plastic cover at the bottom and even then it is only a few chips. Only reason I haven't bought a Solo II yet is because this thing refuses to die. The ONLY complaint I have is the placement of the charging port. If you are going to get this unit over the Solo II, I recommend getting the Solo Charging Dock!!

    By Kellan (30 Aug 2018 05:24 pm)

  • Amazing

    Amazing people at Arizer...had some battery problem...mailed it to them and got it back in 2 days...totally fixed! thanks guys product is great!

    By dmuir (11 Aug 2018 11:48 am)

  • My favorite

    This is my favorite vape. And I've tried them all. It's simple, easy to use and gives you everything your medium has to offer. It's the vape I always go back to.

    By ThaDawg13 ( 2018-07-23 , 06:24 )

  • Solid vaporizer

    I used this vaporizer for over a year without anything but great results. Great all around, good temp control, good battery and good charging. For various reasons I set the whole thing aside for a couple of years. Last month I got back to it, pulled out my Solo and was amazed that it was charged and working right out of the drawer. I put it on the charger, and it took all of 10 minutes to top it off to a full charge. Versatile and well-made piece of gear.

    By Fernand Raynaud (29 May 2018 05:27 am)

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  • Excellent!

    I'll be buying another. My favorite vape by far.

    By Sean G. O'Mara Sr. ( 2018-11-13 , 19:31 )

  • The best!!!!

    The Extreme Q eased my transition to vaping and I have not looked back. My Extreme Q has been going for three plus years and if something ever happened to it I would buy another. I recommend this to all my friends and mine gets daily use. I like my Extreme Q so much that I just purchased the Solo 2 to add to my collection. Arizer is the best combination of functionality and price!

    By R.D. ( 2018-11-09 , 20:49 )

  • Best purchase ever

    Until you've walked through a party offering hits from your balloon you haven't lived. Easy to use and versatile whether you're by yourself or with friends. Good service for a good product.

    By Greg Nelson ( 2018-11-08 , 02:53 )

  • Poetry In Motion

    This piece of machinery is a magical device. Reliable, sturdy, and sleek. Look no further than the ExtremeQ for your vaporizing needs.

    By J G ( 2018-11-02 , 12:37 )

  • Awsome!

    Just bought one last night and tried it with Herb with both the hose and the balloon. Needless to say I like it A Lot

    By remo134 ( 2018-10-30 , 10:42 )

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  • Amazing !

    This product is well done, very easy to use it , quality/price excellent !!! Thank you !

    By mr.medici ( 2018-11-12 , 07:31 )

  • Excellent!

    I have had this Arizer for 9 years now and it is still going strong! I love the price, it can't be beat for the features and addons that can be used.

    By Doug E ( 2018-10-13 , 04:02 )

  • The Best

    Using vaporizers daily for a few decades and Arizer has proven the best of at least six other brands used. The quality, design, ease of use and customer support are all among the finest!

    By L.M. Anderson ( 2018-09-25 , 17:57 )

  • the good stuff

    Been using this for a good few years now. So very happy with my choice. Would certainly recommend. Cheering from Australia.

    By mark ( 2018-09-15 , 04:27 )

  • Magnífico

    Cumple las expectativas de calidad y servicio

    By Javier Ar ( 2018-08-21 , 16:11 )

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  • Outstanding!

    Excellent quality and beautiful to boot!

    By nkbissonette ( 2018-09-12 , 22:39 )

  • Best EVER!

    I have 5 Arizer products. Solo, NLE, Air, Extreme Q & ArGo. All of them work non stop since I've had them with just 1 with an LED problem which was corrected within 1 week of notification. The quality is amazingly high. Have been referring people to this company for 4 years with no regrets. Keep up the good work. I will be back. P.S. The new ArGo is perfectly portable for on the go needs. Lasts more than six uses per charge!

    By Jesse (02 Sep 2018 03:14 pm)

  • Same as Solo II vapor quality

    I bought the NLE , its the best (price & quality). The battery is good too. Very happy, no regrets!!

    By Martin blais (13 Jul 2018 07:46 am)