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  • Need this one!!!

    I’ve had and arizer air for several years. I would say at least 5 and they are great! So is the customer service they are amazing if you have an issue. There is an app I use that you can track your vape or how ever you use herbs that was giving them out for free if you had enough points. I was able to get 2 and one was missing parts so I contacted Arizer and they not only sent me 1 mouth piece but they sent 2 and some rubber caps for no charge. I can’t wait to purchase the ArGo though. I need one I can charge with a USB port and the first Air doesn’t have that ability. In thought of getting the Arizer II but want to try something different. This sale makes it possible for me to afford this one!

  • All units

    I’ve found complete happiness using Arizer products for over ten years. All my units still function perfectly. Obtained an Argo the moment they were available and really used the heck out of it; my prescription for five grams per day means I need reliable quality devices. Arizer has never let me down.. Extremely happy with Solos one and two . I have a solo one that is over ten years old. I boasted about this and was given a new battery and seal for free. I love these guys, they are the best

  • Fantastic service

    Owning an Arizer Go, which I really enjoy owning. It broke after a little over a year, but Arizer took care of it, I sent it to a service representative in France (I'm in Europe) who not only sent me a new product in just a few days time, but also added a free battery and a free case with the shipment. Really well organized, fast and friendly! I'd be happy to choose Arizer again just for that level of service!

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  • Excellent customer service

    I recently dropped my arizer air 2 unit from my side table and the LCD display stopped working so i contacted arizer and even though warranty did not cover such damages Andrew offered to help me out and do the repairs free of charge. i received my unit back within the same week that i sent it out. You can not go wrong with arizer products and they definitely stand behind their products.

  • Great Customer Service

    I had a couple of error issues with my Air II Vape in an 8 month span from buy it new. On both occassions Arizer customer support ( Andrew) was prompt and friendly. He solved both of my issues in a timely fashion. Arizer stands behind their product 100%. (They completely replace the device for me on the second issue.) I am please to experience a company with great customer service and who honours their warrantee of product hassle free. Bravo Arizer!

  • Great service

    Great Canadian company , wish more were like these people.

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  • Great Product, Fantastic Customer Service.

    This is a smartly designed, quality built, and functional piece of equipment. I've been using mine for about a year now and it holds a charge very well, heats consistently and still feels and looks as solid as it did on day one. I just recently had the one and only problem I've had with the unit which brings me nicely to my next point, Arizers customer service is next to none, they made it so easy for me to resolve my issue in a prompt and efficient manner, and it was actually I that held up the process. I used email to make contact but judging by the other reviews their customer service doesn't lag by phone either. I highly recommend the Solo 2 and will very likely be purchasing other products in the future. Well done and thank you Arizer team.

  • Better than the air!

    I recently bought the solo 2 because the air I had was dropped in water and doesn't work now . I'm so glad I bought the solo 2 because of the amazing battery to the much improved air flow . If you want a heavy hitter with amazing flavor the solo 2 will not disappoint and it's very very easy to clean.

  • Never Look Back!

    I have owned the Arizer Solo for many years and recently purchased the Solo 2. Without doubt, Arizer are simply streets ahead when it comes to design, build and function of premier vapes ... a classic, understated look; a solid, beautifully engineered build and as to function, it is super efficient, produces mountain-fresh vapour, is rock reliable and has an Olympian battery life. Very happy with the Solo 2. Beautiful. Thank you Arizer.

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  • Thumbs up

    I have been using the Air for a few years. It is a fine, dependable, instrument. I use it daily .....worth every penny.

  • The Best!

    I Love my Arizer Air❤

  • Greatest Customer Service!!~~~

    Every single time that I have had to Contact Arizer, albeit with a question or a Product that needed attention to, they were very quick to address any & all Concerns! I use this for Medical Purposes & require dependable, quality products. I have had several Different Arizer Products over the years, & IMO, you get what you pay for, & I want quality. Thanks Andrew & the Arizer Team!!~~~

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  • Outstanding product and customer service

    I had a power supply fail on my Arizer Extreme Q desktop vape, contacted customer service, explained the problem, provided proof of purchase, etc., and they immediately sent a replacement. Absolutely outstanding customer service, honoring the warranty, and supporting a great product. Fantastic! Thnx Andrew. I should add, I have the the Arizer Air portable vape as well, and am impressed by both - they work very well, and offer excellent value IMO - highly recommend.

  • Wonderful customer service

    I had no access to internet and worked with customer service by telephone and they are great!! Prompt and friendly, as well as helpful!

  • Great Piece of Kit!

    The Arizer Air II was my third hand-held and I immediately fell in love with it, so much so that I broke it and immediately ordered a new one. I finally stepped up to the full sized Extreme Q! I sought Arizer’s support to get optimal vapour that was responded to by a virtual essay offering me huge insight into the vaping process. A first class product, a first class Canadian company! P@

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  • The V-Tower

    I have COPD and enjoy using this for vapor . Full control of how I like this vaporizer . My friends are wowed when they see this . A mancave must 😎

  • Lovely

    After having started out our journey in the wonderful world of vaporized herb with a cheap handheld, we eventually realized that we were inefficiently burning up most of our stash and we needed to upgrade. The V-tower is absolutely amazing, especially for the beginner who wishes to take the plunge into desktop vapor. Resin builds up in the tube quite fast, but is generally not a problem to clean. Temperature control is stable and relatively accurate, and it performs far above the par for its price range. Less money spent on herb, and more time relaxing with the whip in hand. Having to switch from direct hits to a tube takes some getting used to, but you'll never want to go back afterwards.

  • Faulty item replaced FAST!

    My V Tower stopped working and it was three months until the end of warranty. Arizer got me a new unit in 18 days. Most of the time was spent posting the old unit to France and waiting for a new one. They were fast in their email replies and I'm very happy with what I got. I hope you know this means I will give you more of my money b'cos you have a good product and when faulty no excuses or waffle. Look after your receipt and take care of the product and Arizer will take care of you. I think it's good to know that this product worked daily for 33 months and when faulty Arizer replaced with little effort and it only cost me £13:50 postage which I'll happily eat b'cos good business goes both ways. John AKA DJ Blade.

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  • The Solo is a tank! A beautiful Exceptional tank

    What a great company! What a great product. I owned my first solo for close to 10 years. I replaced the battery after 6 years of use. I decided to take the opportunity to purchase a new solo during their Canada Day sale. Item arrived in less than 2 days. Excellent. Their customer service is off the charts. Attentive, helpful and quick to help their customers. This is the product for you. Look no further.

  • My first and only vape

    I've used my Solo heavily for 3 years.. roughly 8000 sessions... The battery is starting to go but thats plug n play ez... I love it...metal.. simple... Plus you could Crocodile Dundee a purse snatcher in a crowd with it haha

  • Fantastic company and products!

    I originally bought a V-tower 10 years ago and loved it. When it finally gave up the ghost (due to my own negligence, not due to the quality of the product), I immediately bought another. More recently, I decided to give the Solo a try - same exact experience! Based on these experiences, I think I will only stick with Arizer products. Add to this the unbelievable customer service, fast shipping and a Canadian company to boot!