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  • Exceptional customer service and great quality products

    Currently own an ArGo and the original Air and I am very pleased with my experiences with Arizer. Ran into an issue recently with the ArGo (which is uncommon, after years of use) and they were VERY timely at getting in touch, as well as resolving the issue. I'm a very satisfied customer and would definitely recommend this brand as well as its products.

  • Awesome unit

    Never tasted my herb this good. Love the removable battery, and all glass vapor path that is easy to keep clean.

  • Another great vape

    I've been using Arizer vapes for about 6 years now, Started with a Solo, added an EQ and when the Solo finally gave out, got an Air2. Love the Air 2. With my Air2 temporarily unavailable I decided to get an ArGo. Wow, another solid product, great for on the go. I want to give an additional shout out to Arizer for taking care of me on the issue I had with my Air2. In addition to great products, exceptional customer service. Thanks again

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  • AIR 2 - TOP Vaporizer

    Hellou, over the years I have purchased several vaporizers (Davinci Miqro, TopBond Novae, Xmax Starry, Storm, GrassHopper, Torch2). I was looking for a quality, durable and powerful vaporizer. I found: Arizer Air 2. I buy it from the Netherlands. I was very happy. I especially like the chamber heating system. One evening dropped AIR to the ground from a height of about 30 cm. The display broke.But the display is damaged. I contacted customer service and they replied promptly. The unit was replaced with a new one. Beyond the warranty.I am amazed excellent product, excellent service, excellent company. I love Arizer Company. Great people work in it. "Jessica, thank you very much".

  • Love love love!

    I love everything about the Arizer air 2, and I’m also very impressed by their great customer service, can’t go wrong!!

  • The best around

    This is an excellent dry herb vaporizer. It's easy to use, has incredible precision with temperature selection, and is very well made. I felt really bad when I dropped mine and killed the display screen, but when I reached out to Arizer to find out if it could be fixed, they offered to help me out, even though I wasn't under warranty. I guess I must've done a number on it, because they sent me a whole new one, and included some freebie glass accessories, which was really nice. Their customer service was quick to respond, polite, and helpful. Overall, I wouldn't look to any other company for products like this, though I'm definitely going to be a lot more careful with mine from now on. The build quality makes me think it'll last for years, as long as I don't butterfingers it onto the concrete.

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  • Simply amazing!

    A review for people looking at options. I have the Zeus Arc, Smite + and this Solo 2. This is better battery, better vapour, easier to clean, glass mouth piece(no melted silicone in your mouth) yes superior in every aspect but portability but would never choose the others at home. no comparison simply put.

  • Fantastic Customer Service

    After around a year of useage, my Solo NLE (a discontinued model based on the original solo) had a burnt out LED. Arizer replaced the unit with a Solo II, a significant upgrade. The Solo II is great, the battery lasts much longer than my previous Solo.

  • 10 Years and still going strong

    I have been using solo vaporizers fr ten years. I have tried others witch work fine , however not one has had the reliability of the solo, battery not so good anymore. 4 dead and the solo still going strong. Just ordered the solo II combo. Looking forward to another ten years of quality vaping

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  • Best Vape Ever. 3 years running strong and counting

    I have had this vape for 3 years. The only downside is battery. But you can swap those out. I have 4 batteries so I never run out. 2 always charging. One for the vape, one for some more vaping. One charge lasts about 3 total sessions for one person getting lit af Chamber comes out so throwing out vaped herb is super easy. You can used already vaped bud for burning later or for making butter after Beautiful engineering. Solid build. My friends have tried all options all vapes. Arizer Air has always proved itself better than all of my buddies' vapes. It is honestly the best. I quit blazing for a year in between. Threw out everything but I couldn't get myself to throw out this vape because its so good.

  • Great vape!

    Had mine for going on three years still works great!

  • My first Vape

    This was my first vape and man i was not disappointed From the 10 minute session time to interchangeable batteries... this product has everything a must buy

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  • Best decision I have made

    This is the only product I use now. I stopped smoking all together. This still provides the feel of taking a huge rip, but its so much easier on my throat

  • It should be called the amazing Q

    This is by far the best vape I have used. Well built works great and is super affordable. I recommend everyone from beginner to seasoned vet buy one. You won’t look back it will be the best vaping experience you can get ! You won’t regret this purchase!

  • The Best there is...

    I've had my Extreme Q so long, I can't even remember when I bought it... easily the best investment I've made in smoking apparatuses. I've lost the whip, broken dozens of bowls and elbows (my fault), dropped it (with the bag in) and it just keeps on working. Lights still work, sound still works.. remote still works. Quality build, perfection in design - better than that other desktop vape in value and versatility. Plus Arizer support is probably the best I've ever encountered. I think my Extreme Q will last forever, but if it doesn't - I'm buying another one, that day. Y'all are legends.

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  • Value for the $$

    My favorite desktop to date! Excellent value for the money.

  • V-tower rocks!

    I have been vaping my medicine for several years. Save your Money on cheap vapes and buy a V-tower. Very efficient use of your meds! I also have a Solo 2 for on the go. Both are EXCELLENT! Get one today!

  • Easy to use, effective, clean

    Took a chance and ponied up the a bunch of online reviews and the v-tower seemed pretty well liked. The glass parts feel solid in hand.. The directions via you tube easy to understand- very user friendly. Big enough to have a strong heating mechanism-small enough to take little surface area. Easy to load, draw, fast to heat up. Glass makes superclean essences of flavor. The whip length makes any heat nearly undetectable (at least by my standards). No drawbacks on this (that i have experienced) other than perhaps two (one of which is probably unavoidable at this point in technologies progression): 1. Glass whip is tacky to the touch, so it picks up lint guess is due to using a high grade silicone, so a luxury problem. 2. The vent is underneath the mechanism with what seems very little protection from whatever surface its placed on. For me, an easy solve was to use a ceramic salad plate..just as an additional safety measure for heat, but also a way to prevent any surface dust entering into the vent. Of course, the four grippy rubber feet it rests on lift the whole thing up nicely to begin with, so the plate is just a cleaner experience (for me). Other then those 2 things, ide give it 6 stars if i could. Cant afford it? Save cheaper short term can't afford NOT to.. Yes. Its really that good.

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  • Basically perfect.

    I've had mine since 2011, daily use. Works perfectly and super conveniently every time. Battery still lasts me about 5 days. Such a solid piece of gear.

  • great product

    this hits better than any of the 5 vaporizers ive had before (all were a little cheaper price) . Only thing I wish it did was heat up quicker however the solo 2 does that so I might upgrade but for now this rips.

  • Excellent vape!

    My first time buying any vaporizer, and I was completely satisfied with the unit. I got a BOGO deal at the time for a solo and air. They're both equally good. 9/10 with the only negative thing is the airflow could be a bit better. Everything else is perfect. Good vapor production and easy to use/low maintenance. It just works! I've owned it for a year and use it pretty much daily and it still works perfectly fine.