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  • The. best. vape. ever.

    The only vape I now use. Pure vapor, discreet and portable, well built. A real every day carry.

    By Scott Billingworth ( 2018-07-22 , 12:34 )

  • Love it!

    Great vape! Easy to use and easy to get the hang of packing it.

    By Rueben (29 Jun 2018 12:05 am)

  • Best Yet!

    The ARGO has solved all of the problems with other portable vaporizers. I have used ARIZER vaporizers for several years due to their ease of cleaning.

    By Jim Reaves (15 Jun 2018 06:11 am)

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  • Best vaping device

    This unit here is worth the price tag. Actually to get the full Arizer experience you need to get extra stem pipes to have pre loaded stems on the go. The softshell case is also worth the buy. All in all 5/5 for me can't wait to buy another.

    By Francisco Ambrocio ( 2018-05-30 , 01:41 )

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  • Solo II

    This vaporizer works better than any other i’ve Tried! Quickly produces a thick, clean vapor which lasts!! You can adjust the elapsed time of your session and just press the button to continue to another 10 or so minutes! It’s Excellent !! Comes with more accessories than you’ll need! Great Product,,, YES,, I recommend it!

    By Richard Vreeland (29 Jun 2018 05:21 am)

  • Love this vape

    I have an Extreme Q which is great, but this one works even better, and with less!

    By Randy Jacobsen (15 Jun 2018 02:48 am)

  • Great product! Great service! Great company!

    I own five vapes. Two are Arizer products which are used daily. The other three are from different manufacturers but not one beats my Arizers. The Solo II is particularly great when it comes to efficiency. I can get 20 minutes of vapor from just a small bowl and I could not be happier. As to the service, it is also top notch.

    By Nicol Simard (07 Jun 2018 07:24 pm)

  • Amazing

    This is amazing ... Heats up fast and tastes so nice ... my first one broke after a month but they replaced very fast and have had the second one for a year and a half I use it almost every day I love it !!! Buy it !!!

    By Tyler H ( 2018-05-23 , 02:17 )

  • Love this unit

    The Solo II heats up fast. It works best on lower temps with a nice crisp clean flavor.

    By starlitedreamer6669 (22 May 2018 07:02 pm)

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  • Awesome!

    We’ve bought 2 now! Amazing little vape. Love it and would “highly” recommend it!

    By Eva Parlee ( 2018-07-04 , 22:27 )

  • Great quality, great reliability

    I have had my Arizer Air for about 3 or 4 years. I have never had any issues with it and it still provides high quality vapor. I definitely recommend getting the 14mm Frosted attachment too.

    By mdvictor (20 Jun 2018 05:24 pm)

  • Great product

    Great product, very well built, easy to use and clean. will buy Arizer again

    By Paul Mombourquette (11 Jun 2018 05:43 pm)

  • Fantastic product from a fantastic company

    I got my first Arizer product in August 2016. It has been in daily use until the Solo II came out. Although the Solo II is now my daily vape, the Air is still used regularly while the Solo II is recharging. I got countless hours from all my Arizer products. You can be certain that I will remain a loyal customer for the years to come.

    By Nicol Simard ( 2018-06-07 , 19:28 )

  • Arizer Air is Awesome !!!!

    I have owned the Arizer Air for about 3 yrs now......never had a problem, heat is perfect all the a timex..... takes a licking and just keeps on ticking

    By John Bkack (07 Jun 2018 06:43 pm)

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  • My favorite

    This is my favorite vape. And I've tried them all. It's simple, easy to use and gives you everything your medium has to offer. It's the vape I always go back to.

    By ThaDawg13 ( 2018-07-23 , 06:24 )

  • Solid vaporizer

    I used this vaporizer for over a year without anything but great results. Great all around, good temp control, good battery and good charging. For various reasons I set the whole thing aside for a couple of years. Last month I got back to it, pulled out my Solo and was amazed that it was charged and working right out of the drawer. I put it on the charger, and it took all of 10 minutes to top it off to a full charge. Versatile and well-made piece of gear.

    By Fernand Raynaud (29 May 2018 05:27 am)

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  • Quality Affordable Vaping

    This model and its affordability are great for new comers or rookies and veterans to vaping. I have gotten much use out of mine.

    By Kenneth Griffin (16 Jul 2018 08:36 pm)

  • Extreme Q

    I bought my Extreme Q 6 weeks ago, I must say that I get bags of thick, tasty vapor every time. I will suggest to anyone who might be considering one of the other desktop vapes, to seek this product out!! Do not overlook the greatness of the Extreme Q! So fill a balloon, or try the 3' silicone whip the Extreme Q will deliver quality EVERY time!!

    By Mark Nix (29 Jun 2018 10:04 am)

  • LOVE IT!!!

    I absolutely love my Arizer! Best purchase yet! The vapor is smooth, gentle on the lungs, and you can actually taste the flavours which makes the experience so much nicer! The Extreme Q is hands down my choice for quick relief! So thank you for making such an amazing product and making it affordable! I give this 5 stars! I love that I can use it as a an infuser for dry herbs like camomile, lavender, orange peel, and so many others you offer for purchase! Love it all! I tell everyone about it! 😊 Everyone should have one 😊

    By Nanette C Steward (02 Jun 2018 06:35 pm)

  • Love it

    This thing is amazing and for the price its unbeatable. I vote best vape out there.

    By Justin Longmire (28 May 2018 06:52 pm)

  • Amazing Vaporizer

    I bought this because I am mostly homebound and other vaporizers weren't doing it for me for home use. This has changed everything about the way I see vaporizing. Straight out of the package, this is so easy to assemble/setup. Within minutes I had it powered up and tested out. No issues whatsoever.

    By Holly P (15 May 2018 05:22 pm)

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  • Excellent as expected

    I love this vape! The quality is the best. I have had several and this one blows them out of the water. It does pay for itself as advertised - I use less product. The accessories are very well priced and the shipping is great. This is a Canadian company to be proud of. Go Canada!

    By alanathomson (15 Jun 2018 01:56 pm)

  • The Arizer V-Tower is well worth the purchase.

    A classic, after all these years still the perfect hit. The same effect every time you draw. If you decide to get one, Enjoy! ✌

    By Aurora Borealis (02 Jun 2018 12:42 am)

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  • Same as Solo II vapor quality

    I bought the NLE , its the best vape (price & quality). The battery is good too. Very happy, no regrets!!

    By Martin blais (13 Jul 2018 07:46 am)