Arizer XQ2 vs Solo 2

Arizer XQ2 vs Solo 2

Arizer XQ2 vs Solo 2 puts Arizer’s newest desktop vaporizer against one of our most popular portable vapes, the Solo II! 

Both Solo II and XQ2 offer distinct experiences tailored to diverse preferences and needs. Whether you’re a vaping enthusiast seeking versatility and superior performance in a desktop vape or a mobile user valuing convenience and efficiency, understanding the differences between these two models is crucial in making an informed decision. Let’s delve into the details of the Arizer XQ2 and the Arizer Solo II, highlighting their key features, to help you choose the vaporizer that best fits your lifestyle! 

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Arizer XQ2

Solo II

Arizer XQ2

XQ2 employs an advanced convection oven that evenly heats the material, providing a flavorful and efficient extraction. The heat-up time is approximately 90 seconds, slightly longer than Solo II. Additionally, it comes with an auto shut-off timer that can be set from 30 to 120 minutes for safety. The bowl size is quite generous at 1.2 grams, catering to extended sessions or group use. The decorative LEDs and versatile remote control add convenience and a bit of flair to the overall user experience.

Arizer Solo II

The Solo II features a hybrid oven, combining 70% convection with 30% conduction heating, which heats up in a swift 30 seconds. Its auto shut-off timer ranges from 5 to 15 minutes, and the maximum bowl size is 0.3 grams, reflecting its design for quick and efficient solo use. It lacks the decorative LEDs and remote control found in the XQ2, prioritizing straightforward operation and portability.

Arizer XQ2 vs Solo II: Which One is Right for You?

For the Social Vaper or Frequent User: If you often vape with friends or prefer the flexibility of using either a whip or a bag, the Arizer XQ2 stands out as the superior choice. Its large bowl capacity, coupled with the versatility in delivery method and continuous operation, ensures it can cater to virtually any home vaping need. The decorative LEDs and remote control add a touch of convenience and fun to the experience.

For the On-the-Go Vaper: If portability, quick heat-up times, and efficiency are your top priorities, the Arizer Solo II is unmatched. Its compact size, significant battery life, and fast heating system make it ideal for enjoying a high-quality vaping experience anywhere. Although it lacks some of the XQ2’s advanced features and versatility, it excels in delivering a robust and convenient vaping experience on the move.


Both the Arizer XQ2 and the Arizer Solo II offer compelling features for different user profiles. By understanding your personal needs, whether they lean towards the versatility and communal aspects of the XQ2 or the portability and quick-use efficiency of the Solo II, you can select a vaporizer that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle. Regardless of your choice, both models continue Arizer’s tradition of quality and performance, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience.