How to use Solo III Session Mode

Solo III Session Mode

Solo III is Arizer’s newest and most powerful dry herb vaporizer. It comes with a revolutionary On Demand mode, which is a wonderful addition to the Arizer line annd really speeds up the time it takes for a quick session. 

But, if you’re a fan of using Arizer vapes the way we’ve always done, you can still access Session Mode on the Solo III. After turning on the device simply select session mode and push the M button to confirm.

Session Mode Start

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a velvety, smooth and tasty vapor session.
To adjust the temperature PRESS for 1° increments or HOLD for 10° increments: UP to increase temperature or DOWN to decrease temperature.

Setting Your Temperature Presets

Double pressing the M button will take you to the preset selection screen. Use the LEFT and RIGHT buttons to navigate your presets and press M to make a selection. Your Solo III will then heat or cool to the selected preset temperature. Your presets can be adjusted by selecting the EDIT button found below the preset you would like to adjust. To conveniently switch between presets, quickly double press LEFT or RIGHT.

Use these screens to customize your session and make your Solo III behave exactly the way you want. In session mode or in on demand mode!

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